Leadership Development



ACCT030 - Business Finance for Non-Financial Staff
CDEV033 - Mindfulness in the Workplace
CDEV038 - Dealing with Difficult Situations
CDEV039 - Developing Personal Resilience
CDEV040 - Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
CDEV041 - Positive Psychology - A Happiness Mindset Reboot
CDEV043 - Facilitating Stakeholder Engagement
CDEV045 - Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
CDEV050 - Essential Skills Series: Program Evaluation
CDEV051 - Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness
CDEV052 - Business Fundamentals
CDEV055 - Foundations of Operations Management
CDEV056 - Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
CDEV058 - Building a Business Case
CDEV060 - Governance Excellence: Aligning Expectations
CDEV062 - Building Teams that Trust
CDEV063 - Mindful Self-Compassion Training
CDEV065 - Influencing and Negotiating with Impact
CDEV066 - Mental Health First Aid
CDEV067 - Creating and Supporting an Empowered Culture in the Workplace
CDEV070 - Introduction to Business Fundamentals
CDEV071 - Mental Health Awareness
CDEV072 - The Intergenerational Workplace
CDEV075 - Managing Multiple and Changing Priorities
CDEV077 - Creating Workplace Culture: Embedding Real Change
CDEV080 - Managing Virtual Teams
CDEV081 - Foundations of Mindfulness Practice
CDEV082 - Time and Priority Management
CDEV085 - Program Planning and Evaluation
CDEV086 - Mindfulness in Practice
CDEV087 - Cultivating Creative Confidence and Competence for Workplace Innovation
CDEV090 - Sales Strategies During Times of Uncertainty
CDEV092 - Mindful Resilience in the Workplace: Making People More Resilient, Agile and Productive
CDEV095 - Strategic Planning That Works: Turning Vision into Results
CDEV096 - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
CDEV097 - Business Essentials for Middle Managers
CDEV098 - The Application of Mindfulness (Core Course)
CHMN045 - Change Leadership in Turbulent Times
CHMN050 - Leading Design and Organizational Change with Empathy
CHMN055 - Optimizing Change in Organizations
CHMN060 - Organizational Change Management
CHMN065 - Organizational Transformation
CHMN070 - Resilience and Change: Building Personal, Team, and Cultural Resilience
CLIM045 - The Financial Impact of Climate Change
CLIM050 - Natural Asset Management Fundamentals
CLIM055 - Introduction to Climate Policy: Exploring Pathways to Climate Action
CLIM060 - Climate Change Perspectives for Project Managers
CLIM065 - Climate Change Adaptation Fundamentals
CLIM070 - Management of Climate Risk for Infrastructure Practitioners
CLIM086 - Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives of Climate Adaptation
CLST045 - Indigenous Ways of Being and Knowing: Integrating Indigenous Values into the Work Environment
CLST050 - Introduction to the Cultural Diversity within Indigenous Territories throughout BC
CLST055 - Working Effectively and Respectfully with First Nations: Moving Forward Together
CLST060 - Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations for Participatory Leadership
CMDV045 - Sustaining and Building Community in Times of Crisis
COAC095 - Coaching Conversations-A New Approach to Communicating in the Workplace
COMM045 - Communication for Managers
COMM046 - Conversational Intelligence: How to Build Trust
COMM051 - Addressing Communication Challenges at Work
COMM055 - How to Improve Your Writing: Impact, Grammar and Editing
COMM060 - Influencing Through Effective Communication
COMM061 - Communicating with Clarity and Impact: Professional Writing, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
COMM065 - Mastering the Art of Communication
COMM066 - Assertive Communications for Conflict Resolution
COMM070 - Meaningful Conversations
COMM071 - Brand Communication: How to Design and Build Your Company Culture
COMM075 - Meet the Media: Training in Interview and Communications Skills
COMM080 - Mindful Communication and Listening
COMM086 - Core Communications in the Workplace
COMM095 - Writing for Business: Level I
COMM096 - Writing for Business: Level II
FSCH050 - Field Study
GLBM010 - International Business and Culture
HRMN040 - Managing People and Performance
HRMN045 - Psychological Safety in the Workplace
HRMN046 - Introduction to Performance Management: A Systems Approach
HRMN050 - Refining the Selection Process in Hiring and Succession Management
HRMN051 - Labour and Employment Law for BC
HRMN055 - Strategic Succession Management
HRMN060 - Talent Management: Developing Capacity Through Succession
HRMN065 - Enhancing Performance through Feedback
HRMN075 - Promoting Healthy Workplaces
HRMN085 - Bootcamp 101 for New or Potential Managers
HRMN090 - Developing Human Potential: The Future of Human Resource Management
LEAD043 - Strategic Collaboration to Get Results
LEAD045 - Competency Based Management Practices
LEAD046 - Team Dynamics: Conscious and Collaborative Construction
LEAD047 - Achieving Your Leadership Potential with Mental Toughness
LEAD050 - Developing Leadership Impact
LEAD051 - The Collaborative Workplace: Principles and Practices
LEAD052 - Navigating Organizational Change: From Resistance to Resilience
LEAD053 - Implementing Change
LEAD055 - Introduction to Leadership Styles in the Workplace
LEAD056 - THRIVE: Women and Leadership
LEAD057 - Advancing Health Leadership
LEAD058 - Leading Teams in Time of Change
LEAD060 - Lead from Your Strengths
LEAD061 - Women in Leadership
LEAD062 - Collaborative Leadership for Climate Action
LEAD065 - Leadership Mapping: Defining the Leadership Your Organization Needs
LEAD066 - Workplace Distractions: Restoring Focus & Productivity
LEAD067 - Neuroleadership: Thinking Our Way to Better Results
LEAD068 - Foundations of Collective Leadership
LEAD070 - Leadership Strengths and Styles
LEAD072 - Building and Leading a Culture of Thriving in Your Organization
LEAD075 - Leading Complex Systems
LEAD076 - Strategic Systems Thinking: The Big Picture
LEAD077 - Political Savvy, Power and Ethical Influence: Enhance Your Ability to Influence Positive Change Within and Outside Your Workplace
LEAD080 - Leading Meaningful Change: Leadership Essentials for Our Times
LEAD081 - The Brain in the Workplace
LEAD082 - Servant Leadership: Bringing Authenticity, Compassion and Trust to Your Work
LEAD084 - Integrated Learning Assessment: Pathway to Graduate Programs
LEAD085 - Leading Virtual Teams
LEAD086 - Level Up Your Leadership
LEAD087 - Business Issues and Economics with a Global Eye
LEAD090 - Leading with Emotional Intelligence
LEAD091 - Mastering Design Thinking for Organizations
LEAD092 - Sport Leadership
LEAD095 - Leading With the Brain in Mind
LEAD096 - Leveraging Your Leadership Strengths
LEAD097 - Climate Action and Transition Leadership
PJMN045 - Project Management Essentials
PJMN050 - Advanced Project Management
PJMN055 - Agile Project Management
PJMN060 - Introduction to Lean Kanban
PJMN065 - Introduction to Project Management
PJMN070 - Introduction to Scrum
PJMN075 - Introduction to Business Analysis
PJMN080 - Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Preparation
PJMN085 - Project Portfolio Management Essentials
WINV045 - Workplace Innovation: Tools and Processes
WINV050 - Workplace Innovation: Strategy and Culture
WINV055 - Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Employment
WINV060 - Creative Problem-Solving for Innovation: Getting Everyone Out of the Box
WINV065 - Design Thinking for Organizations
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