Customer Service Excellence Micro-credential

3 Courses Required


In this program, students will review and practice the fundamentals of excellent customer service. We will also explore and apply skills and techniques to create impactful and memorable experiences for the purpose of exceeding customer expectations. Students will gain an understanding of customer service models and the unique requirements to support different customer relationships and methods of interaction.

During this 13 week program, students will learn about and practice customer service skills, focused on meeting and exceeding the expectations of their customers and clients.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, students will be able to:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Customer Service

  • Understand the different levels of customer service
  • Be able to define the attributes of good customer service
  • Know how to apply the stages of a service interaction to insure a satisfying customer experience

Module 2: Providing Extraordinary Customer Experiences

  • Understand the difference between providing service and creating exceptional customer experiences
  • Apply interpersonal communications skills to personalize interactions and connect effectively with customers
  • Learn how to create memorable moments for customers in order to exceed customer expectations
  • Understand the role of emotions, self monitoring and self-management in customer service

Module 3: Resolving Issues and Managing Mistakes

  • Understand emotional intelligence and the self monitoring and self management of emotional responses to stressful situations 
  • Apply techniques to address customer complaints effectively, and restore positive customer relationships  (de-escalating)
  • Address organizational mistakes effectively and satisfactorily

Module 4: Strengthening Customer Relationships

  • Understand customer service roles in Customer Relationship Management
  • Understand the appropriate use of communication channels in customer service
  • Explore the importance of soft skills in connecting with customers

Delivery Method:

Students will be expected to:

Attend two full-day sessions on campus (9am-3pm Monday & Tuesday each week) and participate in asynchronous sessions throughout the remainder of the each week.

Learner Effort:

20 hours per week

Computer Requirements:

A week prior to the course start date you will receive an email from us with information on how to access the online course. At that time you will be encouraged to visit a short orientation website to familiarize yourself with our online learning platform.

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