Climate Change



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CLIM045 - The Financial Impact of Climate Change
CLIM050 - Natural Asset Management: An Introduction to Making Nature Count in Canadian Municipalities
CLIM055 - Introduction to Climate Policy for Climate Adaptation Professionals
CLIM056 - Asset Management and Climate Resiliency
CLIM060 - Climate Change Perspectives for Project Managers
CLIM065 - Climate Change Adaptation Fundamentals
CLIM066 - Designing Effective Climate Communication Strategies
CLIM070 - Management of Climate Risk for Infrastructure Practitioners
CLIM075 - Climate Change and Infrastructure Risk Assessment - the PIEVC Protocol
CLIM080 - Climate Law
CLIM085 - Climate Change Adaptation Training for Prairie Region Planners
CLIM086 - Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives of Climate Adaptation
CLIM090 - Climate Smart Policy and Procurement
CLIM095 - Applied Climate Science for Infrastructure Professionals
CLST045 - Indigenous Ways of Being and Knowing: Integrating Indigenous Values into the Work Environment
CLST050 - Introduction to the Cultural Diversity within Indigenous Territories throughout BC
COMM056 - Key Concepts in Climate Communication
ENVR045 - Bee Keeping: Introductory Course
ENVR046 - Landscape Design Basics with SketchUp Pro
ENVR050 - Can I Eat That Mushroom? A Mycological Adventure
ENVR051 - Organic Horticulture Specialist
ENVR055 - Enlichenment! Level One - Introduction to Lichens
ENVR056 - Rainwater Harvesting and Management
ENVR061 - Bee Keeping: Intermediate Course
ENVR065 - Growing Food
ENVR066 - Ecological Landscape Design
ENVR067 - Enlichenment! Level Two - Identification Characters & Practice
ENVR070 - Organic Master Gardener
ENVR075 - Sustainable Wild Harvesting
ENVR080 - The Apothecary Garden
ENVR085 - Wild Teas: A Field Trip
ENVR090 - Ecological Plant Knowledge 1: Natives
ENVR091 - Ecological Plant Knowledge 2: Ornamentals
ENVR095 - Business Skills for Land Care Professionals
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