CLIM056 Asset Management and Climate Resiliency


Course Description

This course offered by the Climate Risk Institute and delivered by leading infrastructure and resilience experts introduces the fundamentals of asset management. Learners will explore the impacts of climate change on asset lifecycle performance, finding opportunities to improve climate resilience of infrastructure through the asset management process, the role of natural assets and natural asset management in climate resilience, and the benefits and challenges of infrastructure asset management. Through discussions around land use planning, operations and maintenance, finance, and risk management, this course provides an understanding of how climate can impact assets and services, and how the asset management process can be used to implement climate action to build resilience effectively.



Course Outline

This course will be of interest to engineers and other professionals who are involved in policy, planning, procurement, pre-design, design, operation, maintenance, management and regulation of infrastructure and who, now and in the future, need to consider the changing climate for these activities.

This course is offered as part of the Infrastructure Resilience Professional (IRP) Credentialling Program which has been designed to help infrastructure professionals strengthen the knowledge and competencies they require to advance climate-resilient approaches for the planning, design, and management of infrastructure. To obtain the IRP credential, engineers must successfully complete all six courses. You do not need to pursue the IRP credential to participate in the course, it is open to all interested participants.

Learner Outcomes

  • Identify foundational asset management principles and processes, and how these are relevant to your work.

  • Recognize the potential impacts of climate change on asset lifecycle performance.

  • Analyze stages in the process of asset management for opportunities to improve climate resilience of infrastructure.

  • Identify the role of natural assets and natural asset management in climate resilience.

  • Describe common challenges faced in implementing asset management to build infrastructure resilience, and strategies for overcoming these challenges.

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