CDEV038 - Dealing with Difficult Situations
CDEV062 - Building Teams that Trust
CDEV066 - Mental Health First Aid
CDEV067 - Creating and Supporting an Empowered Culture in the Workplace
CDEV071 - Mental Health Awareness
CDEV077 - Creating Workplace Culture: Embedding Real Change
CDEV080 - Managing Virtual Teams
CDEV081 - Foundations of Mindfulness Practice
CDEV086 - Mindfulness in Practice
CDEV087 - Cultivating Creative Confidence and Competence for Workplace Innovation
CDEV090 - Sales Strategies During Times of Uncertainty
CDEV092 - Mindful Resilience in the Workplace: Making People More Resilient, Agile and Productive
CDEV095 - Strategic Planning That Works: Turning Vision into Results
CDEV096 - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
CDEV098 - The Application of Mindfulness (Core Course)
CLST045 - Indigenous Ways of Being and Knowing: Integrating Indigenous Values into the Work Environment
CLST050 - Introduction to the Cultural Diversity within Indigenous Territories throughout BC
CLST055 - Working Effectively and Respectfully with First Nations: Moving Forward Together
COAC045 - Coaching with LEADS
COAC046 - Coaching Cultures: Bringing Out the Best
COAC047 - SupportingLines Institute's High Performance Index Assessment Certification
COAC050 - Ethics and the Coaching Profession
COAC051 - Coaching for Conflict and Dispute Resolution
COAC056 - Coaching for Performance
COAC060 - Individual Coaching
COAC061 - LEGO® Serious Play® Training for Coaches
COAC065 - International Coach Federation PCC Marker Training
COAC066 - Being Generative as a Team Coach
COAC070 - Professional Mentor Coaching
COAC075 - Sustained Learning Through Group Coaching
COAC080 - Coaching 101 - Foundation, Fundamentals, Framework
COAC085 - Coach to Motivate, Engage and Empower
COAC090 - Coaching Approach to Change Leadership
COAC095 - Coaching Conversations-A New Approach to Communicating in the Workplace
COMM045 - Communication for Managers
COMM051 - Addressing Communication Challenges at Work
COMM060 - Influencing Through Effective Communication
COMM065 - Mastering the Art of Communication
COMM066 - Assertive Communications for Conflict Resolution
COMM071 - Brand Communication: How to Design and Build Your Company Culture
COMM075 - Meet the Media: Training in Interview and Communications Skills
COMM080 - Mindful Communication and Listening
HRMN095 - HR Elevation Program
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