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Unlock your potential for a successful global career

Are you an international student seeking a professional development program in Canada? Whether you are just getting started with your profession or are looking to advance your career, this program will help you gain the competencies you need to thrive in a global and interconnected workforce. This program is designed for individuals who have completed their undergraduate studies and are ready to take their skills to the next level.

Our program provides the essential skills needed to succeed in a variety of industries and roles, from customer service to project management. With a combination of classroom instruction and experiential learning opportunities, students will gain practical knowledge and in-demand skills they can immediately apply in the workplace.

Program Benefits

  • Learn from expert instructors with real-world industry experience 
  • Expand your professional network 
  • Explore career paths in Canada 
  • Gain globally sought-after transferable skills  

Royal Roads is an Authorized Training Provider in good standing with the Project Management Institute. Students completing this Certificate will meet the educational requirements needed to apply for their Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) designation.

This program is designed to provide students with a strong foundation that will enable them to progress to more advanced project management studies with ease. If you meet the admission requirements for the graduate diploma, you can choose our two-year dual-credential option, combining the Certificate in Global Workforce Skills with the Graduate Diploma in Project Management and Organizational Leadership.

2-Year Option



This full-time post-graduate level program is offered through the Global Learning and Language Centre at Royal Roads University. Students must maintain full-time status. In-person attendance is required.

FAQ for Global Workforce Skills


Required Courses

The Certificate in Global Workforce Skills requires the completion of the following 13 courses over 3 terms. Each course requires approximately 10 hours of learner effort per week.

  • Interpersonal Skills for the Workplace: Through the use of case studies, communication models and theories, team activities and rigorous class discussion, this course will help students learn strategies to improve their communication in global settings. By studying and applying the latest research on diplomacy, constructive feedback, active listening, relationship dynamics, and conflict management, students will increase their cultural and emotional intelligence – essential skills for successful communication with team members, stakeholders, and clients.
    (Delivery format - classroom) 
  • Change Management Competencies: This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to manage personal and professional change more effectively. Through a series of self-assessments, engaging activities and group discussions, students will apply change management practices to help themselves and others to normalize changes more capably.
    (Delivery format - classroom) 
  • Working Across Cultures: This course provides an introduction to the key concepts, skills, and tools needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities of working across cultures. Throughout the course, students will engage in a range of learning activities to build their cultural competence and understanding of intercultural business practices. Topics include organizational structure and ethics, teamwork, negotiation, power and decision-making, and diversity in the workplace – relevant themes for anyone who works or plans to work in multicultural environments, including managers, supervisors, and project leads.
    (Delivery format - classroom) 
  • Business Writing: This course is designed to help students write clear and concise documents for a variety of business contexts. In addition to developing their skills through lectures, group work, and individual assignments, students will be provided with opportunities to receive constructive feedback from their peers and instructor.
    (Delivery format - classroom) 
  • Professional Presentation Skills: This course is designed to equip students with the essential techniques and strategies required to deliver compelling presentations in professional settings. They will learn how to organize and deliver persuasive messages, create visually appealing slides, and respond to questions with poise and confidence.
    (Delivery format - classroom) 
  • Customer Service Skills Development: This course equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to provide exceptional customer service, build customer loyalty, and drive business success. Topics include understanding and identifying customer needs and expectations, managing difficult conversations, problem-solving and decision making, and communicating clearly and professionally. The course includes a mix of instruction, group discussions, and practical exercises to help students apply their learning to real-life scenarios.
    (Delivery format - classroom) 
  • Global Business Essentials: This course provides a comprehensive overview of key concepts and practices essential for success in the contemporary global business landscape. Topics encompass, but are not limited to, risk and risk management, creative problem solving in business, project management, business ethics, and digital transformation, providing students with a broad understanding of integral components shaping the global business environment.
    (Delivery format - classroom) 
  • Career and Learning Portfolio - Foundation, Development, Completion (3 courses): This sequence of courses emphasizes the importance of ongoing learning and professional development and provides students with strategies for documenting and reflecting on their learning and professional journeys. Students will learn how to use digital tools to create and curate a collection of artifacts that showcase their learning experiences and their professional skills and achievements. Through interactive activities and assignments, students will develop practical skills for creating and managing their ePortfolio and learn how to leverage their digital presence for career advancement and lifelong learning. During each term, students will work through a succession of assignments, gradually building towards the completion of an extensive career and learning portfolio that they can further develop throughout their professional journey.
    (Delivery format - online) 
  • Career Development and Digital Literacy Skills: This course, with each of its three terms - A, B, and C - comprising a distinct component, is designed to help students develop the skills and competencies necessary for career success in a digital age. The course covers various topics related to career development, including self-assessment, job search strategies, goal-setting, and professional branding. Students will learn how to use digital resources for job searching, resume building, and online professional networking.
    (Delivery format - classroom) 

This program also includes a specific focus on the fundamentals of project management - a versatile skill that is valued globally across industries and roles. Project management competencies will be threaded throughout the program curriculum, and students will engage in project-based learning to apply these concepts in practice. In addition, students will participate in intensive workshops that are specifically designed to familiarize them with the basics of project management. Students who complete Global Workforce Skills will be well-prepared to continue developing their project management skills and knowledge through further studies and practical experience.

Dates and Fees

Join us for Global Workforce Skills from January, April, or September. The length of the program varies depending on your start date. If you start the program in January or April, you will have a scheduled break in the summer and complete the program in 12 months.
An accelerated 10-month program is offered for students starting in September.


April intake: Apr 01, 2024 - Mar 30, 2025 (12 months) - Closed
September intake: Sep 02, 2024 - Jun 29, 2025 (10 months) - Closed
January intake: Jan 02, 2025 - Dec 28, 2025 (12 months) - Application deadline Sep 06, 2024


The admission process is competitive. Applicants for the Global Workforce Skills program can expect to receive notification of their admission status within approximately two weeks after the application deadline.

Term Dates Courses Tuition
GWS Term A Jan 02 - Mar 30, 2025 Career and Learning Portfolio
Career Development and Digital Literacy Skills A
Business Writing
$2,400 CAD
GWS Term B Apr 01 - Jun 30, 2024
Mar 31 - Jun 29, 2025
Career and Learning Portfolio
Career Development and Digital Literacy Skills B
Customer Service Skills Development
Interpersonal Skills for the Workplace
Working Across Cultures
$4,000 CAD
GWS Term C Sep 02 - Dec 29, 2024
Sep 02 - Dec 28, 2025
Career and Learning Portfolio
Career Development and Digital Literacy Skills C
Professional Presentation Skills
Global Business Essentials
Change Management Competencies
$4,000 CAD
*$4,200 CAD
*Effective Sep 2025

TOTAL estimated program tuition (3 terms): $10,400.00 - $10,600.00

Students are required to pay a $5,000 tuition deposit to receive a Letter of Acceptance for the full program. Student fees are additional to the program tuition stated above. Tuition and fees and are subject to annual increases. Textbooks are not included in the fee.

The order in which terms A, B and C are completed will depend on your start date. Contact us if you are interested in joining one term of study without completing the full program.

Admissions Requirements

  • Postsecondary 3- or 4-year degree
  • A minimum of 2 years of full-time professional work experience recommended

The minimum English language test score required is:

  • IELTS-Academic 6.0 overall
  • TOEFL iBT 79 overall
  • DET 105 overall
  • PTE-A 55 overall

Ways you can demonstrate your English language proficiency


How to Apply

Please read the instructions carefully before you begin the application process.

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