WINV065 Design Thinking for Organizations


Course Description

This course will explore the history, concepts and methodology of Design Thinking. You will use a designer’s mindset and creative problem solving to work on specific workplace or life challenges. You will deepen understanding of the stages of design thinking:

  • Framing the question effectively;

  • Understanding the value of approaching the challenge with empathy;

  • Creative ideation and brainstorming;

  • Testing solutions based on feedback;

  • Arriving at a solution to your challenge.


Course Outline

Throughout the course, we discuss how these principles and methods can be applied to participants' own challenges, using examples of successful projects and organizations that have integrated Design Thinking into their workplaces.


Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the Design Thinking mindset and its fundamental contribution to success

  • Have experience of methods from all the phases of a design project

  • Know about the wide range of other methods that they might use in a design project

  • Leave with a draft plan for how they might use design thinking on a current complex problem they face

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Section Title
Design Thinking for Organizations
May 13, 2024 to Jun 09, 2024
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Tuition non-credit $795.00
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