CHMN055 Optimizing Change in Organizations


Course Description

We don’t actually manage change per se. At best, we manage to manage ourselves and a few of the variables that swirl around us. We can, however, facilitate change. That is, influence its speed, direction, and impact by our thoughtful actions and optimize opportunities that arise.

Designed for leaders in organizations to lead through change, this course will provide a few core models and some practical skills for working effectively in the midst of ongoing, accelerating flux and change.

Course Outline

  • Looking Inward – managing personal transitions Models of the transition process
  • Managing resistance to change Supporting and guiding team members during transition
  • Looking Outward – managing organization changes
  • Planning and managing your own fundamental change effort
  • Developing resiliency, inspirational vision, and planning small, simple steps
  • Exploring models that will support developing an action plan for change

Learner Outcomes

  • Describe the key differences between the change process and the transition process
  • Identify and explore the steps for planning a change initiative
  • Coach and support individual team members who are stuck or struggling
  • Facilitate group process in a way that encourages innovation and risk-taking, while maintaining focus on the purpose and goals of the group

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Section Title
Optimizing Change in Organizations
Apr 01, 2024 to Apr 28, 2024
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Tuition non-credit $795.00
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