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Leadership Development

Mental Health Awareness

The Mental Health Awareness course is a 6 hour workshop. It is an introductory course with the aim of increasing mental health literacy, decreasing the stigma associated with this topic and building the confidence of participants to help others. This program is specifically designed to help managers and supervisors become more sensitive to employee behavioural changes that may stem from mental health issues so that they can take appropriate, compassionate and caring actions. Participants will learn a framework for approaching employees to offer help before the situation becomes more serious.

Navigating Organizational Change: From Resistance to Resilience

As external realities change and evolve, many individuals and organizations struggle and resist the necessary change. Indeed resistance to change seems a part of our very humanness; when faced with external threat, we often hang on to what has worked in the past. But in our increasingly fast-paced, ever-changing modern world, this tendency holds us back. But while resistance to change seems a part of our nature, so too does an ability to adapt to change. This 2-day course will focus on individual and organizational strategies to succeed in a changing world.

Organizational Change Management

Move beyond an organizational lifecycle approach to change by considering the possibilities of navigating change as a strategy for introducing innovation, pushing through disruptive change, and partnering with internal and external stakeholders in service of achieving desired community and organizational outcomes. This course explores approaches to navigating change that increases collaboration and internal, exteral and community stakeholder engagement while mitigating the risks associated with poorly managed change.

Organizational Transformation

This one-day course will develop participants’ strengths and competencies in performing a high-level assessment of the impact of strategy and change on an organization and its employees, and forecasting the likelihood of implementing wide-scale change successfully. During the course, participants will work in teams and learn an innovative approach to assessing the probability of implementing organizational change successfully.

Optimizing Change in Organizations - ONLINE

We don’t actually manage change per se. At best, we manage to manage ourselves and a few of the variables that swirl around us. We can, however, facilitate change. That is, influence its speed, direction, and impact by our thoughtful actions and optimize opportunities that arise. Specifically for leaders in organizations to lead through change, this four-week online course will provide a few core models and some practical skills for working effectively in the midst of ongoing, accelerating flux and change.

Servant Leadership: Bringing Authenticity, Compassion and Trust to Your Work - ONLINE

In this interactive and experiential workshop, we will explore what it takes to be a 21st century leader - a Servant Leader! Learn how to lead your team through stressful projects while remaining thoughtful, empathetic and inclusive. This course is designed for leaders and practicing managers who want to create a work environment conducive to collaboration and long-term success.

Strategic Collaboration to Get Results

Resource scarcity and complex challenges transcend both organizational capacity and boundaries. Effective leaders require skills and techniques to enhance internal cooperative relations and service delivery. Organizations need interagency collaboration to leverage external resources and support. This two-day course will help you develop solid proposals, action plans and recommendations to convince others to join collaborative discussions, confirm mutual aims, explore shared effort and undertake sustainable partnerships.

Team Dynamics: Conscious and Collaborative Construction

Team members often know when their team isn’t functioning well; equally frequent is lack of clarity as to what is going wrong, how to articulate what they want, and what they have to do to bring that vision to reality. Using LEGO® Serious Play, teams are taken through a self-diagnosis of team habits that are getting in the way of the kind of work they envision.

Using Systems Thinking to Solve Difficult Organizational Problems

More and more, traditional patterns of behaviour and decision-making have been found limited in addressing increasingly complex challenges. Overcoming limiting reductionist thinking and practicing the discipline of systems thinking would seem to be the solution. And yet, while much has been written about systems thinking and more is written every year, it seems to have little impact. This course will move beyond establishing a clear working understanding of systems thinking towards an informed approach to applying systems thinking to resolve our most challenging problems.

Women in Leadership: Living and Speaking Feminine Values

Women need to find ways to speak and model their uniquely feminine values as a means to shift organizational culture toward a more inclusive and balanced values framework. In this course, you will explore and discuss some of the predominant feminine leadership models as well as popular topics of debate concerning gender and leadership, and you will design communication strategies and channels for speaking your values as feminine leaders.

Building and Sustaining Community in Times of Crisis - ONLINE

This four-week online course will help you to gain an understanding of the underlying principles and behaviours of engagement, while exploring the nuances and assumptions associated with fostering and sustaining vibrant communities. You will articulate personal and shared values in terms of community and explore how to stay resilient and healthy moving forward. Throughout the course, you will examine the relationship between individuals and their communities and introduce tools and strategies to help us become more mindful leaders and agents of positive change.

Business Finance for Non-Financial Staff

This one-day course is a journey through the world of business finance. Building on a foundation of corporate structure, agency theory and accounting, we will examine the debt and equity markets, capital budgeting, capital structure, costs of capital and dividend policy. The course concludes with an examination of behavioural finance and its influence on all aspects of finance.