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Career Skills

Mindfulness in the Workplace - ONLINE

When we live and work from a place of overwhelm and reactivity, we make suboptimal decisions, negatively impact our relationships and our health, miss opportunities to innovate and strategize and lose sight of the big picture. This two-day course takes an evidence-based approach to demonstrate and apply how cultivating a mindfulness practice can optimize personal and organizational health and performance.

Plan the Work, Work the Plan - ONLINE

How will organizations cope in the midst of a global pandemic while simultaneously planning strategy in the face of uncertainty? If you agree they will need to mobilize the energy and commitment of their workforce for future success, this four-week online course is for you. When organizations assign both leaders and individuals to work together on multidisciplinary work teams, they increase their chances to navigate through uncertainty to recovery.

Positive Psychology - A Happiness Mindset Reboot

Everyone says they want to be happy yet most people don’t put conscious effort to acheiving happiness. Over two days, you will discover positive psychology with goals of being happier and understanding why. Participants will deepen their comprehension of basic neuroscience and physiology of well-being as well as participating in experiential exercises designed to boost baseline positivity (happiness) while reducing stress and anxiety. The course will also touch on growth mindset and resilience, leaving you with a customized happiness toolkit.

SuperHost® Foundations of Service Quality

This course is a comprehensive, practical introduction to the principles of providing a quality service experience. It is ideal for people who are either entering the workforce for the first time or after a significant break, or are fairly new at working in a front-line, customer-facing role. The lessons include interactive activities and students will go home with knowledge and skills they can apply to their job right away. Certification from will be presented to those who complete this one-day course.

Working Effectively and Respectfully with First Nations: Moving Forward Together

This workshop introduces individuals, government representatives, business people and representatives of organizations to the complexities of working with First Nations in Canada. By exploring traditional values and protocols in a contemporary context, students are encouraged to broaden their perspective of what is needed to be respectful and successful when working within a First Nation context. Participants will learn the historical struggle of First Nations people, celebrate the accomplishments and seek a better way forward together.

Natural Asset Management - ONLINE

Canadian communities face challenges of declining infrastructure quality and diminishing health and resilience of many ecosystems, a challenge made far more pressing by climate change. To address this, leading local governments are starting to identify, value and account for natural assets in their financial planning and asset management programs as a means to develop deliver core services sustainably through a climate resilient green infrastructure. This four-week online course covers core concepts, the most recent case examples and latest approaches to municipal natural asset management, and is delivered by the Executive Director of the Municipal Natural Assets Initiative. It will provide both essential information to anyone working for, or with local governments or who is interested in innovative approaches to community sustainability; and, an opportunity to discuss with peers and the instructor, potential approaches to challenges and opportunities in students’ own communities. .

Sales Strategies During Times of Uncertainty - ONLINE

External market impacts often require that companies and their sales professionals engage with traditional and new markets differently. Economic factors may have substantially changed the competitive landscape and the dynamics of the client – vendor relationship. With full consideration of the challenges these impacts may present for their clients, sales teams can adjust their approach to work cooperatively with their clients as the demand for products and services recover. The hospitality and tourism industry, specifically, has unique challenges during these periods and with perishable inventory, sales professionals will be under pressure to increase volume when the market may be restricted or hesitant to travel.

The Financial Impact of Climate Change - ONLINE

This four-week course introduces participants to the financial risks and impacts associated with climate change. Participants will explore a range of risk pathways that link climate and economic systems, including: physical risks related to direct exposure to climate hazards in the value chain; transition risks arising from abrupt transitions to a low-carbon economy; systemic risks transmitted throughout the economy; extreme risks arising from the complex dynamic nature of climate-economy systems.

Time and Priority Management - ONLINE

Every minute of your day impacts you, your family and your business. If you are finding yourself overloaded with work and stretched so much that you cannot set priorities, this is the right course for you. Learn to develop a clear sense of purpose, to structure priorities, to overcome negative behavior patterns, and leverage practical strategies to balance your work and personal time. In this highly inter-active one-day synchronous course, you will learn to effectively prioritize and manage your time so that you can make better decisions, meet deadlines, and achieve goals.

Mindful Resilience in the Workplace - ONLINE

We don’t have control over most change, but we do have control over how we respond to it. The key to this response is resilience – and the good news is that it can be developed. In this interactive and experiential four-week online course, you will learn practical techniques for strengthening resilience, including the use of mindfulness practices which has been proven to be one of the most effective techniques.