LEAD047 Achieving Your Leadership Potential with Mental Toughness


Course Description

Realizing your potential requires focus and leveraging your strengths in combination with curiosity about your areas of weakness and the courage to address them. Enter mental toughness – the ability to successfully manage challenges to perform at the peak of your abilities. Mental toughness includes self-awareness, grit, maintaining a positive mindset, confidence, resilience and an unwavering commitment to your goals. In this course, learn how to grow your mental toughness in order to unleash your potential – as a leader at work and elsewhere in your life.


Course Outline


  • Week 1: The elements of mental toughness, emotional control/life control and self-awareness.

  • Week 2: Commitment: goal orientation and achievement focus; and Challenge: learning from setbacks, openness to change and resilience.

  • Week 3: Confidence: belief in abilities and interpersonal confidence

  • Week 4: Implementing your plan: practices to grow your mental toughness


Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the core elements of mental toughness: control, confidence, commitment and challenge

  • Understand their strengths and areas for development regarding mental toughness

  • Build a personalized plan to grow their mental toughness

  • Develop skills to realize their potential


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Achieving Your Leadership Potential with Mental Toughness
Jan 08, 2024 to Feb 04, 2024
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