COMM080 Mindful Communication and Listening


Course Description

For many, the communication and listening skills we have learned are not adequate to effectively respond to the challenges we are currently facing.  
Mindful communication and listening cultivates our ability to remain aware and harness the inner resources necessary to manage emotions and mental states, so that we may respond from a place of wisdom and compassion, rather than conditioned reactivity.

Learner Outcomes

In this four-week practical and experiential course we will:

  • Define mindful communication and listening. 
  • Practice present-moment strategies for mindful communication and listening.
  • Learn about our unique conditioned habits and biases in communication and listening. 
  • Build tools and skills for building empathy, curiosity, and perspective-taking.
  • Cultivate strategies for dealing with difficult or stressful communications.
  • Plan and prepare for challenging conversations. 
  • Understand and practice key skills for compassionate communication.
  • Apply resources and practices in daily life. 

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Section Title
Mindful Communication and Listening
Feb 26, 2024 to Mar 24, 2024
10:00AM to 11:00AM
Feb 27, 2024 to Mar 19, 2024
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Course Fee(s)
Tuition non-credit $795.00
Instructors/Guest Speakers
  • Patricia Galaczy
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