CDEV058 Building a Business Case


Course Description

In order to realize our ideas – from conceptualization through to actualization – we need to be able to make a case and present it effectively, in language that portrays the depth of our belief in the initiative, and the merits of it coming to fruition, while addressing potential challenges and risks. In this course, you will work through all the phases of business-case development, produce a full draft of a business case, and practice presenting it to decision-makers.


Course Outline

  • Why write a business case?

  • When to write a business case (and when not to)

  • A generic business case template

  • The essential elements of a business case

  • Costing, ROI, and the Triple Bottom Line

  • The Executive Summary

  • Recruiting and leading your business case project team

  • Preparing to present your business case

  • Tips for rehearsing a presentation

  • The importance of practicing your delivery

  • Preparing simple presentations in PowerPoint™

  • Making effective use of the Q&A session

  • Closing the sale


Learner Outcomes

  • Define the business case subject, concretely and completely describing what the case is about, and how it aligns with the strategic direction of the organization

  • State the purpose of the case, answering the questions: “What decisions or actions will be taken based on this business case result?”, “By whom?”, “By when?”

  • Recruit and lead the case development project team, coordinating the team’s activities throughout the development of the case

  • Plan the case development process, determining what information, including financial analysis, is necessary for accomplishing the case purpose

  • Develop the business case: Write a clear, succinct goal or issue statement

  • Conduct a thorough situation assessment

  • Assess all potentially viable alternative initiatives, and propose the most feasible, value-added alternative

  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the proposed initiative/project

  • Conduct a risk analysis of the proposed initiative/project

  • Assess impact on and involvement of other internal and external partners/stakeholders/constituencies

  • Develop a project plan, including a timeline, implementation steps, resources required, and factors affecting timelines

  • Articulate critical assumptions

  • Summarize conclusions and recommendations, and align them to the strategic themes of the organization

  • Present the business case in a convincing manner


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