Professional Certificate in Advanced Facilitation Practices

5 Courses Required


Engaged participants translate to effective results and positive change.

Register now for the courses you need to advance your facilitation practice.

With course content focusing on innovative, leading-edge facilitation practices, this flexible Professional Certificate allows you to choose the courses that fit your learning needs to level-up your facilitation skills.

Professional Certificate in Advanced Facilitation Practices

Delivery Format: Courses in this professional certificate are delivered online and face to face and include tools for both online and in-person facilitation.

Completion Requirements

  • 5 courses consisting of

    • 4 Core Courses
    • 1 Elective Course

Program Schedule

Register and complete individual courses at your own pace. We recommend certificates be completed within 2 years.

Note: Courses are subject to availability and listed courses are not guaranteed to be offered every term.

How to Register

Register in any of the courses within the certificate and you will automatically be registered in the certificate.

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