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Career Skills

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Employment

Studies predict automation resulting in unemployment nearing 50%. Predictions for the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) range from breathless to dire, with entire sectors facing radical changes likely to start within 5-10 years, but with no one sure of the basic shape of those changes. AI is said to be the fourth major revolution in human history. This oneday course will cover what AI is, what it isn’t, and the likely impacts on employment and how to protect and leverage human capital

The Brain in the Workplace

Incorporating recent scientific findings, this workshop explores the relationship between the brain, psychology, and leadership. The session is designed to help build one’s personal and team leadership capacity by examining recent research about how the brain makes connections and changes itself. It will touch upon topics such as the role of emotions in decision-making, the impact of stress, interpersonal communication, and how social bonds are formed. The course will introduce five unique capabilities of the brain that are critical for effective leadership.

Dealing with Difficult Situations on the Front Line

Does it seem that you are dealing with difficult people more often or that people have become more difficult to deal with? We all need better toolkits. Learn to be responsive instead of reactive and support difficult people in moving towards solutions using the 8 “D” formula: Diffuse, Discuss, Divert, Deal, Direct, Distract, Disarm, and Disengage.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Employee diversity is always an asset for businesses competing in a challenging economy. Managing differences comes when we recognize that differences are only difficulties until we understand and reframe the difference. In so many ways, diverse capacity, competence and approaches can foster co-operative and collaborative workplaces. This one-day workshop will help you focus on building a team based on individual abilities and strengths, focusing on what can be done and building diversity to achieve more from the differences.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

As the pace of change and demands increase in our work lives, our ability to handle our emotional states becomes more important. Emotional intelligence (EI) has been linked to leadership and managerial success in the workplace. This introductory course gives you a sense of how well you are currently functioning and how you can harness EI skills to attain your professional goals. A complete personal EI profile (the BarOn EQ-i 2.0 ) is included.

Essential Skills Series: Program Evaluation

The Essential Skills Series is a four-day workshop that equips participants to enter and participate in the evaluation field. Graduates will be able to describe core evaluation concepts and techniques, from the planning process to standards through methods for data collection and analysis. Using case studies and other adult learning methods, participants will develop knowledge and skills in planning and conducting evaluations. While evaluation experience is not a prerequisite, participants would benefit from knowledge in a related field such as program planning/management, or social science research.

Indigenous Ways of Being and Knowing: Integrating Indigenous Values into the Work Environment - SYNCHRONOUS

Experience a rewarding day-long discovery of the benefits of Indigenization within the work environment. This gathering will offer insights into how the integration of traditional values can have a positive influence on the daily operations of organizations, businesses, and institutions. We will explore how the concepts of traditional values, teachings, practices and protocols effectively serve complex Indigenous governance structures; we will learn how to translate and apply those concepts within contemporary work environments; and we will garner a deeper appreciation for the inclusivity surrounding all aspects of Indigenous Leadership.

Introduction to the Cultural Diversity within Indigenous Territories throughout BC - SYNCHRONOUS

Experience a rich day-long exploration of British Columbia’s Indigenous Cultures, a heritage spanning thousands of years and deeply rooted in the natural world. This gathering will serve to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the governance structures, cultural practices and traditions of B.C.’s First Peoples. This course explores the sustainable living practices and cultural protocols associated with traditional land use; students will garner appreciation for traditional connections to the earth and environment; and, will discover how Indigenous ways of being and knowing can enhance our contemporary culture in beneficial and encouraging ways.

Introduction to Business Analysis

The Business Analyst is one of the most in-demand roles found on today's job boards. In this two-day program, students will explore how a Business Analyst specializes in engaging with stakeholders, creating efficiencies and managing requirements. Learners can expect to gain knowledge of the tools most commonly used by Business Analysts and how when correctly applied can provide structure and guidance to any project in any industry.

Introduction to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Spend a day learning about the research, practices, and strategies that underpin the clinically-proven MBSR program with a fully certified instructor. The central focus of MBSR is training in mindfulness meditation and its integration into the challenges and adventures of everyday life.

Managing Multiple and Changing Priorities

Managing time and managing stress are all about managing priorities. The days of getting it all done have been replaced by getting the important things done. We will never catch up again and we need to change the way we view priorities. Workload management has replaced time management. Learn new strategies for planning, handling interruptions, responding to changing priorities, dealing with the information invasion and working positively in stressful settings. In this course, learn to work with quality time on quality tasks for quality results.

Mindful Resilience in the Workplace: Making People More Resilient, Agile and Productive - SYNCHRONOUS

We don’t have control over most change, but we do have control over how we respond to it. The key to this response is resilience – and the good news is that it can be developed. In this interactive and experiential two-day course, you will learn practical techniques for strengthening resilience, including the use of mindfulness practices which has been proven to be one of the most effective techniques.