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People Development

Building Teams that Trust

Teams that trust are more self-aware, engaged and productive; they give their best work freely and enjoy doing so; they move cohesively and creatively to achieve results; they engage in healthy, productive conflict; they commit to shared goals and accountability; and, they have fun. In this evidence-based workshop, we will take a practical and experiential look at the tools and skills required to build trust within teams, across departments and throughout the organization.

Creating and Supporting an Empowered Culture in the Workplace - ONLINE

People who practice empowerment participate and contribute at high levels, are creative and innovative, take sound risks, are willing to be held accountable, and demonstrate leadership. When properly understood and developed, empowerment can help individuals authentically and meaningfully engage in their work and in their organizations. This practical and participatory full-day course will explore the best practices, skills, and tools necessary to create and support an empowered culture within the contemporary organizational context.

Curate Your Organization's Culture - ONLINE

Culture is one of the largest recruitment and retention factors for a new generation of workers. Companies who create exceptional cultures will thrive in spite of competition for skilled workers and will experience lower employee turnover. Now, more than ever, employers need to be on the creative edge of culture change to attract and retain great people. This four-week online course will offer a you a hands-on, applied practical approach to being proactive about creating a positive, healthy culture.

Developing Future-Ready Employees - ONLINE

This four-week online course is for leaders and those who are responsible for human resources, who are interested in learning how they can develop and retain the talent they will need as they cope with current shutdown challenges while concurrently positioning their organizations to be future-ready. You will learn an organization-wide strategy to lead, coach and transform employee development. While your learning is self-directed, you will apply new skills by completing practical weekly assignments and receive personal feedback either from your instructor or via weekly online discussion forums with your classmates. These assignments and discussions make topics relevant because you will apply learning to your organizational situation.

Introduction to Performance Management: A Systems Approach

When human resource management is at peak efficiency, all HR functions such as employee recruitment and selection, training, job analysis, compensation and career management, are integrated into a unified system. Performance management is the measurement component that ties HR functions into a unified system. This course will help you reach that fine balance between maximizing performance and providing feedback that employees value.

Labour and Employment Law for BC - SYNCHRONOUS

Employment law is about knowing and appreciating all of the legal issues that can arise in the workplace. This course will cover a foundation in the law and a practical application for a number of workplace environments and legal situations. You will be introduced to the legal basics, including employment standards, common law and human rights, workers’ compensation, while working through scenarios in a series of case studies.

Refining the Selection Process in Hiring and Succession Management

Research conducted by Bersin and Associates on the “Science and Strategy of Fit” revealed that successful organizations do not only practice great management; they have also learned how to make great hiring decisions for the business and for individual roles. Conclusively, success starts with a well-defined and refined selection process. Over the course of this two-day intensive workshop, you will learn about fit, job success formula, the value of suitability in an eligibility-focused selection culture and how to use software in an engaging and hands-on approach.

Strategic Succession Management

HR management processes are integral to maintaining an organization’s stability as well as its ability to deliver on strategic organizational development initiatives. Leaders and managers work closely with HR professionals to assess current workforce capability and future needs, identify skills and gaps, as well as create plans to retain high potential-high performers. HR planning is not merely filling a vacancy; strategic succession management involves attracting, supporting, developing and maximizing. In this course, leaders will learn a variety of approaches to achieve their human resource objectives.

Managing People and Performance - ONLINE

It can be difficult to ask someone to perform better or do more! This 4-week online course offers, applies, and practices constructive supervisory methods to ensure organizational performance objectives and behavioral expectations are met. Participants will gain an understanding of governance requirements and the performance management process. They will learn about the value of setting expectations and objectives, and the methods of assessing progress and performance. And while applying the principles and values of effective leadership, participants will also develop the necessary skills for motivating and coaching to effect improvement and achieve results. These practical techniques will be applied to the participants’ own circumstances and managerial or supervisory challenges.

Psychological Safety in the Workplace - SYNCHRONOUS

Organizations and teams who want to learn and thrive together in uncertain, interdependent and virtual contexts must understand and foster psychological safety. Psychological safety is the shared belief that the workplace environment is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. Although research shows psychological safety as the exception rather than the rule, it is possible – and, in fact, necessary - to consciously cultivate it.

Resilience and Change: Building Personal, Team and Cultural Resilience - SYNCHRONOUS

Enhancing resilience involves intentional preparation to increase the ability to emerge from challenges better equipped to deal with the next. It is not a return to the former state of mind or to the past. It is a transformation into a stronger self so that the next time disruption hits, one will be better prepared. Resilience is not a fixed trait but a dynamic state that can be trained. The key to learning resilience is to intentionally cultivate the resilience competencies and frameworks that you and your organization can fall back on when things get tough. The wider our repertoire of strategies, the more likely we are to meet challenges with resilience. This two-day synchronous highly experiential course will reveal the best-practices, tools and skills for meeting change with increased resilience.