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Coaching 101 - Foundation, Fundamentals, Framework

Whether you are looking to learn about coaching, wanting to introduce coaching into your workplace, or looking for a precursor to an in-depth coach training program – this is the course for you. You will learn what coaching is, as well as basic core-coaching skills and a framework for effective coaching conversations used by credentialed coaches. We will use a learning-in-action approach, offering small and large group discussions, coaching demonstrations and exercises to practice coaching skills in a range of scenarios.

Coaching Conversations-A New Approach to Communicating in the Workplace

This skills-based training program is designed to equip leaders and managers to become more self-aware with core coaching skills and a framework to have coaching conversations in the workplace. Many organizations, researchers, and professionals have identified coaching as a critical leadership and management competency. Leaders who learn the foundation, fundamentals and framework of professional coaches can shift from a traditional managing mindset to a coaching mindset. As a result, trust strengthens, performance improves, and employee engagement increases.

Coaching Cultures: Bringing Out the Best - ONLINE

There are as many as five generations in today’s workforce who all want to work for organizations that create the conditions that inspire, motivate and engage them to be their best. More and more, organizations are realizing the benefit of creating a coaching culture. In this course, participants explore the benefits of creating a coaching culture and complete a high level coaching culture business plan that is relevant to their particular organization. Participants will be working individually and in small groups to support each other as they learn and apply their new knowledge. This four-week online course is suitable for HR professionals, OD consultants and leaders who wish to create engaging conditions through a coaching culture.

Coaching for Conflict and Dispute Resolution

Learners wanting to become conflict coaches will learn how to assist clients in not only handling their own issues with others, but also to approach conflict in other capacities such as a facilitator or mediator. Learners develop and practise conflict-coaching techniques and skills through self-reflection, skill building exercises, and roleplays.

Coach to Motivate, Engage and Empower

Create a more engaging, collaborative, inclusive way of leading and interacting with those around you and learn a model that can be applied immediately, resulting in improved decision-making, greater independence, initiative and contribution to a more collaborative, engaged workplace. This interactive, experiential workshop teaches basic coaching skills and provides real-time practice through the “coach approach” model.

Sustained Learning Through Group Coaching - ONLINE

A series of four 90-minute virtual group coaching calls that will deepen your learning and support you in integrating your coaching skills back in the workplace. An added benefit is that you will also receive peer coaching on real issues. With an investment of 6 hours over 4 months, you will get results and feel more confident!

Ethics and the Coaching Profession - ONLINE

This nine-week online course explores the current ethical competencies and considerations in the field of coaching and the application of these through the lens of the required standards of conduct in this profession. Over 9 weeks, students will examine the conduct of executive coaches within a series of morally problematic situations. This course also examines coaching within the contexts of public safety and public trust, privacy and confidentiality, honesty or deception, informed consent, objectivity, and conflicts of interest.

LEGO® Serious Play Training for Professional Coaches

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for Professional Coaches is a hands-on skills training for professional coaches who wish to bring an enhanced communication tool to coaching sessions. Over two and a half days, you will learn the foundational skills of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and how to apply this method in coaching one-on-one, groups, and teams. You will also experience exercises to draw clear connections between the method and the ICF coaching competencies. Within the training time, you will immediately apply your skills in practice exercises for individual, group, and team coaching. This training has been designed by an experienced coach and facilitator using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method; the course designer and trainer is also an experienced trainer for SERIOUSWORK, a UK-based group training facilitators all over the world.

SupportingLines Institute’s High Performance Index Assessment Certification

Leaders don't need to choose between achieving results and improving the human experience at work. The High-Performance Index™ helps clients measure all facets of high-performance culture in a single assessment. A modern, comprehensive assessment of high-performance culture is just the first step. Unique to many other assessments on the market, the SupportingLines Institute takes great pride in providing a robust library of solutions that help clients improve areas of concern the data has exposed. Highlight strengths and take action on emerging priorities that will unlock healthy high performance leadership in organizations.

Professional Mentor Coaching - ONLINE

This course is aimed at experienced coaches wishing to grow their ability to mentor less experienced coaches and foster their development, as measured by certain ‘industry’ defined competencies. Students will explore the body of knowledge related to the definition of mentor coaching as distinct from coach supervision, coaching competencies, learning processes, and effective practices for coach-approach feedback. Throughout the course, students will examine coaching competencies defined by the profession, especially the recently released ICF Updated Competency Model; and examine oral and written feedback strategies for their ability to grow the self-awareness and performance of a coach approach to mentoring. While not a Marker Training program per se, this course will also introduce students to the existing ICF PCC Markers.