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Workplace Innovation

Cultivating Creative Confidence and Competence for Workplace Innovation

Workplace innovation is now widely recognized as crucial to organizational survival and growth. This workshop introduces participants to the personal attitudes and skills that develop creative confidence and competence in the workplace. This highly experiential two-day workshop is based on sound research yet is extremely practical in nature. You will explore your own personal creativity and the crucial role of experimentation, risk taking and failure tolerance to the creative process.

Leading Design and Organizational Change with Empathy

Become a more impactful leader and get to the root of real problems facing your organization and community by learning how to embed empathy into your change efforts. Empathy involves understanding the emotional states of other people and increases your ability to collaborate and co-create solutions with others. Through this two-day workshop, you will become aware of your own empathy skills and behaviours, and how these can be applied in a process to achieve meaningful, innovative outcomes.

Mastering Design Thinking for Organizations

The invincible company. Does it exist? Can it exist? Leading organizations are rapidly recognizing the need to not only stay competitive, but to lead innovation. Innovation is the key to invincibility. Design-thinking is both a pathway and a journey to innovation. In this 2-day workshop, you will master a robust and human-centered approach to the design and implementation of products, services, experiences or processes of any size or scope.

Design Thinking - ONLINE

This four-week interactive course will explore the principles and methods of Design Thinking. You will utilize Design Thinking approaches to work on specific workplace, or life, challenges. You will also identify a suitable challenge of your own and develop a plan to address it. By the end of the course, you will understand how Design Thinking can provide answers to the ambiguity and uncertainty synonymous with 21st-century life and work.

Strategic Systems Thinking: The Big Picture - ONLINE

Have you ever wished you could be more strategic or been told you need to be more strategic? The reality is that you can’t act strategically if you don’t think strategically. This four-week online course offer tools to help you to think more strategically. These tools are designed to help you see the big picture and deepen your understanding of how complex organizations function.

Creative Problem-Solving for Innovation: Getting Everyone Out of the Box - ONLINE

Business innovations and scientific discoveries often result from romantic experiences, rags to riches stories, and chance. However, business insight and scientific discovery is also a way of thinking that can be learned and practiced. If you have always understood that optimal performance demands creativity, innovations and insight, then this 3 week online course is for you. Learn to access and maximize the creative tools, energy, and skills you have to generate productive and sustainable solutions.