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Switching Career Gears: Make Your Next Career Move with BUSINESS and BRAINS in Mind

Are you looking to gear up, gear down, or switch gears altogether? Are you contemplating joining the resignation generation or the great workplace reinvention movement? Have you been thinking that you need to make a change in your work life, but are unsure what is possible and how to move forward? If so, join us for a one-day retreat where you’ll explore the business and brains underlying personal and career transitions.
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Our live online program offers you an opportunity to explore new opportunities with the guidance of career mentors/executive coaches and the support of a cohort of like-minded professionals who are also exploring ways to energize their current careers or identify new paths. Together you’ll initiate personal action plans designed to reach your goals as well as form accountability circles to support each other along the way.

Topics Covered in the Course Include:


  • How you can thrive as you live, learn and earn longer
  • Lessons from neuroscience: Understanding bucket lists and the need for change
  • How to design a fulfilling life that fuels health and career longevity


  • The future of work and how it applies to you
  • The changing workforce and how you can benefit
  • Exploring career options and opportunities
  • Navigation tools and networks

Program Overview

  • Living, Learning and Earning Longer: Who am I and what’s my story?
  • The biology and psychology underling midlife and mid- and late career stages of life and bucket lists.
  • Personal Career planning - developing your possible futures and a path to achieving your goals

Learner Objectives:

  • Understand yourself and your changing needs as you advance in your career
  • Identify your options for career development
  • Understand the job market and the needs of employers
  • Learn how you can develop a personal plan that moves you towards achieving your next act

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