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Strategic Succession Management

HR management processes are integral to maintaining an organization’s stability as well as its ability to deliver on strategic organizational development initiatives. Leaders and managers work closely with HR professionals to assess current workforce capability and future needs, identify skills and gaps, as well as create plans to retain high potential-high performers. HR planning is not merely filling a vacancy; strategic succession management involves attracting, supporting, developing and maximizing. In this course, leaders will learn a variety of approaches to achieve their human resource objectives.
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Topics Covered:

  • Integration of human resource strategic planning within business goals
  • Adult development and learning strategies
  • Leadership practices that support engagement and theories of motivation
  • Maximization of engagement through intercultural leadership
  • Alignment of structural and technological supports for human resource development
  • Trends and best practices in leading organizations

Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyse and predict the potential strengths/weaknesses of human resources within the strategic planning process
  • Apply various adult learning strategies
  • Gain awareness of gaps in diversity management within organizations
  • Examine organizational processes and technology that may help/or hinder employee development
  • Research and share best practices from a variety of contexts to determine creative ways to approach human resource management