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Terms of Service - General

Types of Learning

There are many different ways to learn. Please see descriptions of the different delivery models used by Professional and Continuing Studies on the Types of Learning page.

Delivery Limitations 

RRU reserves the right to limit enrolment in programs or courses, and to cancel or postpone courses for which enrolment or resources are insufficient. Students will be notified of course cancellations or postponements using the registration contact information. RRU will not be liable for any loss, damages, or other expenses that such limitationscancellations or postponements may cause. 

Fees and Other Charges 

RRU reserves the right to alter the fees and other charges described in the calendar and on the website. RRU will not be liable for any loss, damages, or other expenses that such changes might cause. 

Grade Appeals 

RRU is committed to the success of our students. All efforts are made to ensure evaluation criteria are clearly explained and that students receive feedback from their instructor as to their grades. Before launching a formal appeal, a student should make every effort to resolve the issue with the instructor(s). If the matter is not resolved with the instructor, the student may request a formal appeal in writing, and within 5 business days of the instructors’ decision, to the respective program office. 

GST/PST Requirements and Exemptions 

Courses that qualify for tax exemption pursuant to CRA policy must: lead to a credited certificate or diploma, relate to the practice or performance of a vocation, and attest to the competence of the student to practice that vocation using a pass/fail standard. All other courses will be subject to applicable taxes. 

If you or your company are tax exempt, we require a statement requesting exemption on company letterhead to accompany your registration and payment. 

Regulations and Policies 

In registering for study, the student assumes certain responsibilities to the University and, if registered, shall be subject to all Universityrules, regulations and policies for students as amended from time to time. We reserve the right to deny any registration where appropriate. 

Technology Requirements 

In some cases, RRU emails may be sent directly to your junk email folder. Where possible, please include to your list of accepted domains. For specific course technology needs, please refer to the Types of Learning definitions. For more information, please visit RRU’s Computer Services page.  

Student Requirements 

Professional and Continuing Studies at Royal Roads courses are intended for students 18 years or older with some work experience. Exceptions may apply, please check course pages for more details.  


Program and course registrations are processed in the order that they are received. In courses with prerequisites, late registrations may not be permitted. Registrations can be made online or by phone PCS recommends registering early as some courses meet their maximum enrolments quickly.  Courses with insufficient enrolment are at risk of being canceled or postponed. 


You will receive a confirmation email upon registration, with a subsequent email containing detailed course related logistics to follow arriving one week prior to the course start date. Some exceptions apply, please see course descriptions on our website for further information.    


Professional and Continuing Studies is pleased to offer a 10% discount for selected non-credit courses to all current RRU Staff and Faculty as well as Students and Alumni of a for-credit program. Registrants must be able to provide proof of employment, enrolment or student number to be eligible. For more information please contact us.