WINV075 Foundations of Data Management


Course Description

This course places emphasis on the production of technical information narratives around visualizations as micro-content. Students will focus in on sorting through data and information clutter, understanding it, safeguarding it, and telling a story about it in visually meaningful ways that inform action by organizations and communities.  Students will work with a variety of software tools to work with and present data in ways that draw-in audiences and support decision-makers for action. 

Course Outline

Today’s organizations and institutions are overwhelmed with data and information 1. A crucial role of the project administrator is to sort through the data and information clutter, understand it, safeguard it, tell a story about it in visually meaningful ways for understanding and action by the organizations and communities they serve. 

In this course you will be introduced to conducting a literature search on the web to source credible information and practice a certain citation style. You will plan and execute the collection of data (raw and existing) using quality assurance and quality control protocols.  

Provided with a database You will analyze the data using Pivot tables in MS Excel and  gain skills in table design and creating simple charts (bar chart, scatter plot, pie chart). By creating information visualizations you will learn how to showcase data to engage managers, funders, and stakeholders.   

In teams, you will find data, and tell a data-driven story in a professional report (e.g., case study, proposal, or summary report) relevant to your current field or a field of your choice.  Finally, you will engage your audience by telling your data-driven story through a PowerPoint presentation. 

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Recognize key elements of credible technical reporting (clear, concise, accessible document style, written for the right audience, and properly cited) and properly apply the APA citation style while avoiding plagiarism. 
  • Critically evaluate and summarize technical information sourced from case studies, news articles, webpages and peer reviewed articles and make the information accessible to any audience; 
  • Recall strategies for active reading to improve comprehension of complex technical information;   
  • Identify best management practices for quality assurance and quality control of data collection and storage, including source, security, integrity and reliability; 
  • Analyze complex datasets using Microsoft Excel workbook functions (e.g. Pivot tables); and 
  • Report findings and recommendations for action by telling a data-driven story in a professional visual report, using a template provided, and via a presentation using MS PowerPoint. 

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Foundations of Data Management
Feb 26, 2024 to Mar 30, 2024
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