PJMN090 Project Management Foundations


Course Description

This course is designed to introduce participants to project management's essential components and practices, within-session application to case studies. The course will build on this foundational level: exploring complexities that, if not addressed, can result in delay, cost overrun, stakeholder dissatisfaction, or project failure, and reviewing various strategies and models that can be employed (e.g. change and engagement models, scheduling, risk mitigation) to improve project success significantly.

Learner Outcomes

  • Establish awareness of current skill/knowledge

  • Orient to key PM concepts (the “What”)

  • Orient to primary project processes (apply the “How" to the “What”)

  • Orient to key PM concepts

  • Apply knowledge to case studies

  • Planning for application and days ¾

  • Deepen understanding of key concepts

    • Strategic alignment

    • Project team, roles and resourcing; managing the team

    • Effective sponsorship

    • Facilitating effective, timely decision-making

    • Stakeholder engagement and change management models

    • Communications - project team, and project stakeholders

  • Deepen understanding of selected PM concepts/methodology.

    • Examples include:

    • ·  Risk management strategies

    • ·  Interdependent or related projects

    • ·  Adaptations to structure/approach through the project’s lifecycle

    • ·  Unmovable deadlines

    • ·  Pushing through ‘parallel’

    • ·  Sustainment planning

    • ·  Co-sponsors/partners

    • ·  Inheriting the project in motion, or the project off-track

    • ·  Project assessment

  • Assess skill/knowledge level, plan to address gap

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