LEAD053 Implementing Change


Course Description

Implementing Change is focused on addressing the implementation process of change from both a personal and a professional perspective. By knowing how change impacts people and by applying the skills to manage those impacts more effectively, students will be better prepared to accommodate and leverage the personal opportunities that changes can create.

Students will also develop and apply change leadership techniques and skills to help others manage the impacts of change more capably and in turn, implement changes more successfully.

Learner Outcomes

Week 1: Job Centered Change

  • Understand the relevance of change drivers and strategies within organizations
  • Review and apply change management theories and models
  • Assess and understand the types of change

Week 2: People Centered Change

  • Understand the personal impacts of change
  • Assess and influence change readiness

Week 3: Leader Centered Change

  • Apply leadership skills and techniques to generate change readiness
  • Create momentum for change and set pace
  • Apply targeted use of leadership styles effectively
  • Target and adapt communication styles and messaging

Week 4: Leader Centered Change (continued)

  • Use motivational techniques to encourage commitment for change
  • Manage stress constructively and target learning and training appropriately
  • Use symbolism and symbolic gestures to gain commitment to change
  • Address resistance to change


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Implementing Change
Apr 01, 2024 to Apr 28, 2024
7:00PM to 9:00PM
Apr 04, 2024 to Apr 25, 2024
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Tuition non-credit $895.00
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