CLIM090 Climate Smart Policy and Procurement


Course Description

This course equips infrastructure practitioners and others engaged in planning, management and procurement processes, with foundational awareness of procurement processes, as well as knowledge of critical climate policies and their implications for procurement. The course provides insight into how climate policies and resilience can be reflected in procurement processes, contributing to greater infrastructure resilience to changing climate conditions.

Through a variety of case studies, exercises and discussions, this course will provide practical information for public and private sector professionals about the opportunities to incorporate climate risk assessment, resilience or climate adaptation in various procurement processes.

Please note: This course is not eligible for the Lifelong Learning Alumni Discount.

Offered in partnership with The Climate Risk Institute:

Course Outline

Applies towards the following certificates:  

  • Infrastructure and Climate Resilience Planning Micro-Credential
  • Infrastructure Resilience Professional (IRP) Credentialling Program

These credentials will be of interest to engineers, planners, architects and other professionals who are involved in the planning, procurement, design, operation, maintenance, management and regulation of built or green infrastructure, the assessment of climate risk at multiple scales, and the identification and implementation of climate change adaptation strategies or actions. 

About IRP Credential. 
The  Infrastructure Resilience Professional (IRP) Credentialling Program has been designed to help engineering professionals strengthen the knowledge and competencies they require to advance climate-resilient approaches for the planning, design, and management of infrastructure. The IRP program and credential is managed independently by the Climate Risk Institute. To obtain the IRP credential, individuals must successfully complete six courses, demonstrate experience related to climate change and infrastructure, and be licensed as a Professional Engineer in good standing in Canada. 

Learner Outcomes

  • An increased understanding on key climate mitigation, risk management, adaptation, resiliency and infrastructure policies at multiple scales, and their relation to procurement;
  • An increased understanding of key, relevant stages of procurement processes, review various types and approaches to procurement, including public private partnerships (P3’s/PPP’s);
  • Basic understanding of progress around the integration of sustainability in procurement, and gaps and progress relating specifically to infrastructure resilience;
  • Practical knowledge through the introduction of case studies that demonstrate good practice around resilience and infrastructure, as implemented through procurement processes or policies;
  • Increased understanding strategies and approaches for incorporating climate change infrastructure risk and resilience in various procurement-related scenarios; and,
  • Insights related to the proactive integration of climate change adaptation and resilience principles and practices within procurement processes.
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