TFAC095 Successful Team Based Learning


Course Description

Successful Team Based Learning focuses on developing skills for facilitating and supporting team-based learning in various educational contexts. You will learn about the role of team-based learning in higher education, emphasizing team-building skills and assessing team processes.

Through group discussions, teamwork, design activities, and more, you will experience team-based learning from a student perspective. Additionally, you will learn strategies for assessing team-based learning that you can apply in real-world practice.

Please note that this course is not based on the Team-Based Learning™ method, which follows a specific pedagogical strategy. Instead, this course provides a general introduction to successful team-based learning and how to design and assess it effectively.

Course Outline

In this course, you will:

  • Identify key elements necessary for successful, high-functioning, and collaborative teams
  • Apply effective team-building skills
  • Design learning activities that facilitate and support team-based learning
  • Apply tools and techniques to effectively assess team-based learning
  • Articulate substantive and appreciative feedback to improve a team assignment

Learner Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the key elements needed for high-functioning and collaborative teams
  • Implement effective team-building strategies
  • Create learning activities that support team-based learning
  • Utilize tools and techniques to assess team-based learning effectively
  • Provide substantive and appreciative feedback to enhance team assignments


  • Time Requirements: Expect to spend at least one hour per day on this course. Continuous, active participation each week is essential for the course's success. There may be occasional synchronous sessions, which are recorded for those who cannot attend. There may be occasional synchronous sessions during this course. These sessions are recorded and attendance is not required.
  • For RRU Faculty and Staff: This course is available at no cost for RRU core faculty, associate faculty, and staff. If you are RRU core faculty, associate faculty, or staff, please contact for a discount code.
  • For more information on this course please contact

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Successful Team Based Learning
Sep 23, 2024 to Oct 20, 2024
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