LEAD096 Leveraging Your Leadership Strengths


Course Description

Recent research has revealed that successful people invest more in developing their innate strengths and talents and pay close attention to what intrinsically energizes them. Conventional approaches of fixing weaknesses have shown to be ultimately ineffective, leading only to individual and organizational mediocrity. This course offers ways for leaders to identify and leverage the strengths of their people to increase work engagement and innovation. You will learn to identify and advocate for your personal strengths using pragmatic strategies.


Course Outline

  • Distinguish between a strength versus a weakness

  • Explore and assess your own personal strengths by debriefing the StrengthsFinder assessment profile

  • Link strength development to your personal engagement and potential

  • Develop a plan that will leverage your strengths, and manage your weaknesses

  • Strategies to advocate for your strengths in the workplace


Learner Outcomes

  • Assess your top five signature strengths

  • Identify your mindset around strengths

  • Develop a plan to leverage your strengths

  • Learn strategies for disarming the impulse to lay blame



Required Textbook: Strengths Based Leadership (2009 Edition) by Tom Rath. Gallup Press, New York.


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