LEAD095 Leading With the Brain in Mind


Course Description

Understanding the brain can positively impact how we lead ourselves and others. This course is designed for managers wishing to increase their effectiveness by bridging the gap between brain research, human behavior, and 21st-century leadership. The new normal and increased workplace pressures are challenging cognitive capacity, and leaders need to take action to fuel and protect the human brain—our personal leadership supercomputer. Harnessing insights from cognitive science, students will learn how to solve common management challenges such as trust, inclusion, collaboration, focus, change agility, and well-being. The knowledge you gain will support your personal and organizational leadership strategies and impact.


Course Outline

Students will be asked to draw from their experience and learning to inform weekly discussion forums and online break-out room discussions on how insights from cognitive science can be applied to improve trust, focus, mental health, and the ways in which the brain can adapt (neuroplasticity).


  1. Trust and Collaboration

  2. Focus and Performance

  3. Brain Health and Resilience

  4. Change Readiness and Agility


Learner Outcomes

  • Lead with the brain in mind

  • Foster trust, inclusion, and collaboration

  • Minimize threats that get in the way of performance

  • Increase focus and retention of information

  • Strengthen mental health and resilience

  • Increase change readiness and agility


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