LEAD092 Sport Leadership


Course Description

Sport leaders find themselves in challenging, complex situations that require knowledge, sound judgement, and diplomacy to reach a positive outcome. Rising organizational uncertainty and ambiguity drive the need to equip athletes, managers, officials, administrators, and leaders with the skills required to navigate complex situations ethically and sustainably, while achieving desired human, societal, and performance goals.


Course Outline

Sport Leadership provides learners with the competencies and skills to enhance the practice of self, team, and organizational leadership within a sport context. The program will utilize current cases and challenges in sport as the foundation of the leadership training ground. Participants will work both with their cohort and one-on-one with their instructor to identify their individual leadership strengths and opportunities, and to create a personal leadership development action plan.

Topics Covered in the Course Include:

  • Module 1: Leading Self: Learners discover their leadership values, strengths, and goals through interactive and reflective exercises including several personal leadership assessment, mentoring, and leadership planning tools.

  • Module 2: Leading Self (part 2): Introduces and explores concepts such as emotional intelligence, culture, interpersonal communication, psychological safety, and several leadership models (transactional, transformational, servant, and instrumental).

  • Module 3: Leading Others: Introduces and explores principles and models of team leadership including phases of team development, process management, collaboration, group problem solving, communication design, and leveraging diversity.

  • Module 4: Leading in Community: Through interactive and reflective exercises, explores large group, community, and organizational behavior and development concepts such as culture and communication, facilitation strategies, organizational change, social networks, and complex adaptive systems.


Learner Outcomes

Leading Self

  • Demonstrates leadership competencies that are evidenced in daily practice
  • Responds and adapts under pressure Is a leader for ethics and values

  • Builds productive and professional relationships

Leading Others

  • Understands and engages in mentorship best practices in terms of leadership, management, and development

  • Drives a values-aligned culture

Leading in Community

  • Plays a key role in supporting a clear vision and mission for the team and organization within which they operate

  • Prepares others to understand and feel comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty

  • Designs communication systems and processes to support aligned cultural practices


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Sport Leadership
Apr 22, 2024 to May 12, 2024
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