ENVR075 Sustainable Wild Harvesting


Course Description

Wild harvesting is a fun and often delicious way to interact with nature. How can we benefit from local wild resources with minimal impact to the environment? Participants will learn key aspects of plant life cycles and gain resources for proper identification of plants including recognizing invasive species and learn simple tools to monitor populations over time. In this course, you will learn how to determine healthy plant populations, where to safely harvest, and practical tools and resources to become a steward of your own backyard.


Course Outline

  • Discover why sustainable harvesting is important
  • Understanding of ecological harvesting considerations
  • Legal harvesting considerations
  • Techniques to harvest flowers, seeds, branches and roots
  • Harvesting techniques to minimize introduction of invasives and disease
  • Simple qualitative and quantitative population monitoring assessment



As interest in wild foraging grows it is vital that this training be accompanied by knowledge and appreciation towards land stewardship.

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