COMM095 Writing for Business: Level I


Course Description

Strong writing skills lead to smoother communications, fewer misunderstandings, and increased productivity. This course is designed to teach you plain language principles and techniques that will help make your written communications easy to read and understand. You will develop confidence in your writing for all business and personal communications.


Course Outline

  • How adults read

  • The difference between reading on-screen and in print

  • Writing for all devices (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones)

  • The 5 Cs of effective writing: correct, clear, concise, coherent, and consistent

  • Plain language principles

  • Avoid jargon/technical terms and redundancy

  • Editing – yours and other’s

  • Audience Analysis

  • The writing process: pre-writing, drafting, feedback, editing/revising, finalizing

  • What is a briefing note and how differs from other types of reports


Learner Outcomes

  • Discover the benefits of plain language writing geared toward the reader

  • Become familiar with and practice the key principles of plain language writing in emails, reports, and work-related correspondence

  • Demystify grammar and punctuation rules

  • Identify key grammar and punctuation errors in your writing and correct them

  • Ensure tone, content, and style help you get the results you want

  • Have greater clarity and impact


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