CDEV075 Managing Multiple and Changing Priorities


Course Description

In this course, you will learn to manage time and stress by effectively prioritizing tasks. Shift your focus from getting everything done to getting the important things done.

Learn new strategies for planning, handling interruptions, responding to changing priorities, dealing with the information invasion, and working positively in stressful settings. Discover how to work with quality time on quality tasks for quality results.

Course Outline

In this course, you will:

  • Develop work plans based on priorities and deadlines
  • Master techniques to handle interruptions
  • Establish boundaries for positive time management
  • Consolidate tasks for increased effectiveness
  • Manage the email, text, and social media invasion
  • Understand the “plus time” concept
  • Utilize technology effectively
  • Minimalize and downsize for efficiency
  • Let go of old habits, routines, and practices to move towards proactive productivity

Learner Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Prioritize tasks and manage time effectively
  • Maintain focus and avoid distractions
  • Implement strategies to handle interruptions
  • Set and maintain boundaries for better time management
  • Improve task consolidation for higher productivity
  • Leverage technology to streamline tasks
  • Simplify and optimize your work processes
  • Transition from old habits to proactive productivity practices
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