CDEV067 Creating and Supporting an Empowered Culture in the Workplace


Course Description

People who practice empowerment participate and contribute at high levels, are creative and innovative, take sound risks, are willing to be held accountable, and demonstrate leadership. When properly understood and developed, empowerment can help individuals authentically and meaningfully engage in their work and in their organizations.

This practical and participatory course will explore the best practices, skills, and tools necessary to create and support an empowered culture within the contemporary organizational context.

Course Outline

In this course, you will:

  • Understand what empowerment is and its significance
  • Explore key empowerment competencies essential for personal and organizational growth
  • Reflect and explore your own empowerment journey and experiences
  • Learn tools to promote empowerment, especially during times of change and uncertainty
  • Develop and commit to action-oriented empowerment plans to apply in your workplace

Learner Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of empowerment and how to skillfully apply it in your workplace
  • Learn and apply skills, tools, and practices necessary to create and support an empowered culture
  • Engage in meaningful exploration and dialogue on existing empowerment challenges and opportunities
  • Commit to an action-oriented empowerment strategy tailored to your organizational context
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