CDEV055 Foundations of Operations Management


Course Description

Why do so many initiatives fail when organizations attempt to make them operative? Often, it’s because project teams are working on numerous urgent and multi-disciplinary initiatives without a strategy.

This course weaves together three powerful truths for successful operations management: effective teamwork; purposeful planning; and performance management. You will learn the skills and apply proven methods to mobilize the energy and commitment of your management teams that transform initiatives into operational success.

Course Outline

  • Assess and align the organization’s strategic goals with project team’s goals
  • Identify team’s shared Purpose and optimize team dynamics through a team agreement that outlines its operating principles
  • Develop communication strategies to engage people who are impacted by your project
  • Plan the work: develop a work breakdown schedule and calculate cost estimates
  • Work the plan: apply a proven method to delegate work that drives performance and apply best practices to monitor team performance

Learner Outcomes

  • Build self-awareness and describe the five stages of group dynamics
  • Identify a project team’s shared purpose that is aligned with the current and future strategic goals of the organization
  • Overcome challenges when collaborating remotely
  • Analyze project’s impact on operational people and engage them through communication strategies
  • Establish project’s Scope, co-create project’s Work Breakdown Schedule and estimate costs within project’s Budget
  • Empower and motivate team members through effective task delegation
  • Apply best practices to monitor project’s deliverables in-the-moment, and to create a learning environment
  • Recognize individual/team achievements and celebrate success

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Foundations of Operations Management
May 13, 2024 to Jun 09, 2024
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