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Psychological Safety in the Workplace - SYNCHRONOUS

Organizations and teams who want to learn and thrive together in uncertain, interdependent and virtual contexts must understand and foster psychological safety. Psychological safety is the shared belief that the workplace environment is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. Although research shows psychological safety as the exception rather than the rule, it is possible – and, in fact, necessary - to consciously cultivate it.
Facilitator: Patricia Galaczy
Psychological Safety in the Workplace - SYNCHRONOUS
Start Date:May 25, 2023
End Date:May 26, 2023
Delivery:1 week, Synchronous Online
Price:$795.00 + GST
Instructor:Patricia Galaczy
Course code: PAPD013_Y2223P-01

Using a theoretical foundation grounded in science, this session will offer a combination of theory, practical application, reflection, and dialogue to help participants walk away with the understanding and skills necessary to foster psychological safety at work.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn and understand current definitions psychological safety
  • Gain insight into the theoretical foundations of psychological safety
  • Explore and apply tools and skills to foster psychological safety at all levels
  • Identify opportunities for creating psychological safety in your workplace
  • Create an action plan for applying learning in real-world context
  • Practical strategies that participants can easily incorporate into their
    professional and personal lives
  • Strategies for keeping momentum & applying training in everyday

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