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Professional Communication Certificate - ONLINE


Effective and professional communication skills are essential to success in today's workplace. Learn the tools for effective verbal and written communication that will enable you to communicate with clarity and impact. Gain the skills required to effectively manage conflict and navigate difficult conversations and develop mindful listening and communication techniques.  By increasing your professional communication skills, you minimize the potential for misunderstandings and ambiguities and increase your ability to inspire through clear and focused communication strategies.

Any Age. Any Stage. Any Place.

Our certificates are in a variety of online formats allowing you to take the certificate at your own pace and tailor it to suit your unique development and lifestyle needs.

Certificate Overview

Delivery Format: 100% Online

Completion Requirements: Complete 6 online courses to obtain the Professional Communication Certificate: 4 core courses and 2 elective courses from the course options listed below.

Core Courses (required):Elective Courses (complete 2):

Program Schedule: Register and complete individual courses at your own pace. We recommend certificates be completed within 2 years. Note, courses are subject to availability and listed courses are not guaranteed to be offered every term.

Prior to registering for coursescontact us to let us know you intend to complete this certificate.

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Browse the Professional Communication Certificate courses below. If a certificate is not what you are looking for, check out our suite of Applied Communication courses here!



Mindful Communication and Listening - ONLINE

How are we to deal effectively with something as fundamental as the core methods through which we relate to the world? High quality communication requires awareness as the primary foudnation. If communicaiton is about creating understanding, mindful communication is about creating undersanding though awareness. This two-day practical and experiential workshop will develop and apply the tools and skills for mindful communication and listening, and demonstrate strategies for integrating and sustaining in every day.

Writing for Business - ONLINE

This course is a must for people who write the following for business: announcements, briefing notes, decision-papers, emails, instructions, letters, reports and/or web-content. Strong writing skills lead to smoother communications, fewer misunderstandings and increased productivity. Learn the plain language principles that will help you make your written communications easy to read and understand. Demonstrations, videos, and hands-on exercises will help you gain confidence in your writing and learn which grammar gremlins (including punctuation) make the difference between clarity and confusion.

Communicating with Clarity and Impact: Professional Writing, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills - ONLINE

If you understand that writing, speaking, and presentation has the power to engage, move, and transform, then join us for this three week online course in professional writing, public speaking, and presentation skills. Learn the tools and principles of writing, speaking and presenting through the 5 C’s of effective communication. With practice, overcome performance anxiety and learn to speak (pitch and interview), write (letters, essays, reports, proposals) and present (PowerPoint, demonstration, and instruction) professionally and using media enhanced communication.

Cultivating Creative Confidence and Competence for Workplace Innovation

Workplace innovation is now widely recognized as crucial to organizational survival and growth. This workshop introduces participants to the personal attitudes and skills that develop creative confidence and competence in the workplace. This highly experiential two-day workshop is based on sound research yet is extremely practical in nature. You will explore your own personal creativity and the crucial role of experimentation, risk taking and failure tolerance to the creative process.

Difficult Conversations - ONLINE

We all dread them – having to confront a challenging co-worker, customer, or friend about a difficult and uncomfortable issue. Often we handle the situation very poorly, and it is impossible to completely avoid the person or people involved. This workshop offers insights into the multiple layers beneath each conversation and provides advice for handling these difficult exchanges in a manner that addresses the core issues. If you’re interested in improving your communication skills and reducing conflict, this four-week online course will provide strategies to make challenging conversations calmer and more productive.

Introduction to the Cultural Diversity within Indigenous Territories throughout BC - ONLINE

Experience a rich day-long exploration of British Columbia’s Indigenous Cultures, a heritage spanning thousands of years and deeply rooted in the natural world. This gathering will serve to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the governance structures, cultural practices and traditions of B.C.’s First Peoples. This course explores the sustainable living practices and cultural protocols associated with traditional land use; students will garner appreciation for traditional connections to the earth and environment; and, will discover how Indigenous ways of being and knowing can enhance our contemporary culture in beneficial and encouraging ways.

Strategic Systems Thinking: The Big Picture - ONLINE

Have you ever wished you could be more strategic or been told you need to be more strategic? The reality is that you can’t act strategically if you don’t think strategically. This four-week online course offer tools to help you to think more strategically. These tools are designed to help you see the big picture and deepen your understanding of how complex organizations function.

Optimizing Change in Organizations - ONLINE

We don’t actually manage change per se. At best, we manage to manage ourselves and a few of the variables that swirl around us. We can, however, facilitate change. That is, influence its speed, direction, and impact by our thoughtful actions and optimize opportunities that arise. Specifically for leaders in organizations to lead through change, this four-week online course will provide a few core models and some practical skills for working effectively in the midst of ongoing, accelerating flux and change.

Creative Problem-Solving for Innovation: Getting Everyone Out of the Box - ONLINE

Business innovations and scientific discoveries often result from romantic experiences, rags to riches stories, and chance. However, business insight and scientific discovery is also a way of thinking that can be learned and practiced. If you have always understood that optimal performance demands creativity, innovations and insight, then this 3 week online course is for you. Learn to access and maximize the creative tools, energy, and skills you have to generate productive and sustainable solutions.