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Mastering the Art of Communication

Effective communication is the foundation of any relationship be it personal or professional. This highly interactive course provides proven and practical methods for participants to increase their skills for authentic presence; deep and empathetic listening; capturing the power of their voice; mastering difficult conversations and fear of public speaking; and the crafting and delivery of a compelling presentation.
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Topics Covered: 

  • Concepts of effective communication
  • Presence and focus
  • Increase self-awareness and self-governance
  • Interest-based communication – the key to engagement
  • Effective listening – matching and mirroring
  • Engaging speaking skills – capture the power of your voice
  • Conflict resolution - Manage difficult conversations
  • Master fear of public speaking
  • Create and deliver a compelling presentation

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Be fully and authentically present
  • Control your emotions
  • Listen to understand;speak to be understood
  • Engage people to action
  • Resolve conflict
  • Master fear of public speaking
  • Craft and deliver a compelling presentation

Testimonials from leaders who have benefited from Peter McCoppin's coaching/training:

"Peter is a true delight to work with. His command of language and passion for clear communications challenges even experienced speakersto improve their ability to express themselves and captivate an audience.” -Silken Laumannn - Olympic and Pan American Games Medalist, Inspirational Speaker, Consultant, and Author

"Peter is one of the most dramatic, precise, and accomplished speakers with whom I have had the privilege to work…If you are keen to increase the level of trust and engagement in your team, I recommend you consult Peter." -Karen Radford, Executive Vice-President for Transformation at Enbridge Inc.