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Introduction to Transition Leadership - ONLINE

The climate crisis is often described as a crisis of leadership. As dominant models of leading are increasingly failing to adequately address the complexity and uncertainty of climate and sustainability challenges, we find ourselves asking ‘What are the leadership mindsets and practices needed to effectively lead sustainability transitions?’
Facilitator: Nadine Gudz
Introduction to Transition Leadership - ONLINE
Start Date:May 29, 2023
End Date:Jun 25, 2023
Delivery:4 weeks, Asynch and Synch Online
Price:$750.00 + GST
Course code: PALE093_Y2223P-02

Transition Leadership is one path forward. It is an approach that draws from a range of leadership schools of thought, such as adaptive leadership, and collaborative, values-based leadership, in the context of steering sustainability transitions. At its core is a shift from individualism to collective models of leadership.

Throughout this introductory course, participants will develop an understanding of the context, substance, and process of transition leadership. We will experiment with a ‘transition pathways’ approach which can help make sense of complex situations, create shared meaning, envision future possibilities, and enable action. Learners will have opportunities to advance their reflective leadership practice, sense of agency, and resilience.

After completing the course learners will be able to:

  • Conceptualize modes of leadership for sustainability transitions and climate action;
  • Understand the importance of learning as an act of leadership;
  • Reflect on the role of power and the conditions conducive to an inclusive leadership approach;
  • Explore transition pathways approaches to dialogue about possible futures; and
  • Consider their role as a reflective practitioner and the value of cultivating personal resilience.

Learner Effort
The course consists of 5 hours per module (4 modules in total) + 5 hours devoted to an assessment(s). This equates to approximately 6 hours of learner effort per week.

Live (Synchronous) Sessions
Live (synchronous) sessions will be scheduled by the instructor. Learners will be notified of the time of these sessions in the course. Live (synchronous) sessions will be recorded for learners unable to attend, but it is strongly encouraged that learners attend live sessions if able to benefit from participatory activities.

Computer Requirements
A week prior to the course start date learners will receive an email from Royal Roads University Professional and Continuing Studies with information on how to access the online course. At that time learners will be encouraged to visit a short orientation website to familiarize themselves with the online learning platform. Learners will find the computer requirements for this course through this link:

This course is eligible to be used as an elective course credit in the Climate Adaptation Fundamentals Micro-credential. Interested individuals seeking a broader, foundational knowledge base in climate action may wish to expand upon the learnings of this course by enrolling in this micro-credential.

Learn more about the Climate Adaptation Fundamentals Micro-credential here.