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Global English

Activate your English language skills and learn to apply them in real-world contexts! You will strengthen your overall language proficiency through an integrated skills curriculum and then focus on developing your ability to operate in the language in the applied life and career situations of your choice. Not only will you develop your overall English skills, but you will develop your confidence and ability to function effectively in the specific roles and situations that matter most to you.

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For more information about this program please contact the Global Learning & Language Centre

Emphasis will be placed on building English skills through task-based learning, projects, presentations and interactions to move from language awareness to active use of English to achieve meaningful communication goals. The curriculum encourages students to think more deeply about themselves and the world around them and empowers them as leaders and decision makers.

Choosing one of the applied options listed below will give you the opportunity to apply your language skills to a specific area of study and strengthen your ability to operate effectively in English in this chosen context.

Global English and Academic Skills

Improve your overall English language proficiency, expand your global awareness and learn effective academic English strategies with classmates from around the world.  


Advanced Academic Preparation

This program is designed for students with an advanced level of English proficiency. Study alongside university-bound students and challenge yourself to think, read and write critically within an academic context.

This intensive program will not only refine your English language skills but also deepen your academic communication, interpersonal, teamwork, problem-solving and research skills.


Global English and Leadership (25 hours/week)

Develop the global mindset required to be a leader in an increasingly diverse world. This program will help you gain the skills, confidence, and awareness you need to connect with people across boundaries and to lead positive change in your life, organizations and communities.  Designed for aspiring leaders seeking an immersive international education experience, this one semester program blends professional and personal leadership, team-based projects and exposure to RRU’s award-winning Learning, Teaching and Research Model alongside an interactive and engaging integrated English language skills curriculum.


Global English - Standard (15 hours/week)

This option is designed for students who would like to advance their English skills but are seeking more flexibility in their schedule. With 15 hours per week of classroom instruction, you will have more time to explore the local community and practice your English communication skills in real-life situations outside of class.



English Level  Equivalency  



Global English and Academic Skills

4.5 IELTS (Level 1)

5.0 IELTS (Level 2)

5.5 IELTS (Level 3)

12 weeks

(300 hours)

$5,400 CAD

Advanced Academic Preparation

6.0 IELTS (Level 4)

12 weeks

(240 hours)

$4,500 CAD

Global English and Leadership

5.0 - 5.5 IELTS

12 weeks

(300 hours)

$5,400 CAD

Global English - Standard

4.5 IELTS (Level 1)

5.0 IELTS (Level 2)

5.5 IELTS (Level 3)

12 weeks

(180 hours)

$3,600 CAD

*Applicable ancillary fees will also be charged. A tuition deposit of $550 is required to secure your seat in the program.

Program level will be determined by a placement test on the first day of the program. Students will study Integrated English Language Skills and Global Competency alongside students in the International Pathway Program. 

 Upcoming Global English Program Dates: 

  • April 24 - July 14, 2023
  • September 11 - December 1, 2023

Program Requirements

To join GLLC English language programs, students must:

  • be at least 17 years old by the start of the program
  • meet our English language requirements (minimum IELTS 4.5 equivalency)

How to Apply

Step 1. Test your English

We have programs from low Intermediate to Advanced levels of English. An official language proficiency test score can help confirm placement in a specific program. If you do not have an official score, take our free online assessment to see whether you are ready to study with us.

Test Your English

Step 2. Agent Representation Authorization 

If you are applying through an International Recruitment Agent, your agent will give you an Agent Representation Authorization form to complete to give permission for them to help you. Submit your completed form to the GLLC from your email. If you are registering by yourself, skip to Step 3.

International Recruitment Agents: If you are interested in becoming an International Recruitment Agent for GLLC programs,  please contact If you have an active International Recruitment Agent agreement with Royal Roads University, please ask your client to complete and submit the Agent Representation Authorization form before proceeding with the registration process.   

Step 3. Registration

The GLLC registration form can be found and downloaded here.

Email your completed registration form to the GLLC.

Step 4. Confirmation and Payment

We will send you a confirmation email with payment instructions.  After your payment for the deposit has been received and confirmed, the GLLC will send your Letter of Acceptance, which you will need to obtain your Visa (if required)

Step 5. Prepare for your Journey to Canada

Apply for the appropriate visa or study permit, if applicable.

Start arranging your accommodation early! The GLLC works with reputable local homestay service providers. Contact us for details.

Take the next step

Our advisors are here by email to answer your questions and provide you with the information you need, including:

  • In-depth program details
  • Admission requirements and the application process
  • Campus and student services
  • How to prepare for your journey to Victoria

Global Learning and Language Centre