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Creative Problem-Solving for Innovation: Getting Everyone Out of the Box - ONLINE

Business innovations and scientific discoveries often result from romantic experiences, rags to riches stories, and chance. However, business insight and scientific discovery is also a way of thinking that can be learned and practiced. If you have always understood that optimal performance demands creativity, innovations and insight, then this 3 week online course is for you. Learn to access and maximize the creative tools, energy, and skills you have to generate productive and sustainable solutions.
Facilitator: Jennifer Walinga
Creative Problem-Solving for Innovation: Getting Everyone Out of the Box - ONLINE
Start Date:Apr 24, 2023
End Date:May 14, 2023
Delivery:3 weeks, Asynch and Synch Online
Price:$695.00 + GST
Instructor:Jennifer Walinga
Course code: PAWI019_Y2223P-01

Topics Covered:

  • Who is Creative? Creativity Myths and Myth Busters
  • Great Stories of Creativity, Innovation and Insight
  • What is Creativity? The differences between Innovation, Insight, Adaptation, Divergence, Convergence, and Creative Problem Solving
  • Barriers to Creativity: Physiological and Neurological Blocks
  • Unlocking Creative Insight: Physiological and Neurological Keyholes
  • Tools and Strategies for Sustaining and Managing Creativity and Innovation: Integrated Focus, Multi-think vs Multi-task, Visual Brainstorming, Idea Management, Remote Association, Assumption Destruction, Blue Ocean Strategy, Problem Finding

Learning Outcomes:

  • The field of creative problem solving, and particularly insight problem solving.
  • Improve your ability to solve problems in a more creative way.
  • Exercise your research and analytical skills on a realistic issue or problem
  • Build and develop your ‘creative’ toolbox

Learner Effort:
3-5 hours per week

Synchronous Sessions:
While the majority of this course Is delivered asynchronously, there will be at least one 90-minute synchronous session. Date and time to be announced shortly.

Computer Requirements:
A week prior to the course start date you will receive an email from us with information on how to access the online course. At that time, you will be encouraged to visit a short orientation website to familiarize yourself with our online learning platform. You will find the computer requirements for this course through this