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Urban Development Institute (UDI)


Royal Roads University has forged a strategic partnership with the Urban Development Institute (UDI) to develop The Real Estate Development Micro-credential. This collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate the practical knowledge and industry insights gained through the program with the comprehensive academic learning offered by Royal Roads University. The Real Estate Development Management Micro-Credential is a unique program, delivered in partnership with the Urban Development Institute, and designed to introduce the many facets of work involved in developing real estate projects.

The Micro-credential introduces issues and strategies for managing the many stages and complexities of development.  Topics covered include financial modeling, finding and securing land, creating the right concept for a site, securing financing for a project, development law, the many studies and approvals that will be needed, and finally marketing and selling the project. Ultimately, the program teaches participants how to navigate a project from start to finish.

Program Duration

The program is offered virtually, part-time over 9 months (with one course per month, offered in 2-hour modules each week). Upon completion of all 9 courses within the certificate program, participants can complete an assessed project through Royal Roads University to receive the Micro-credential.

Learning Outcomes

This Micro-credential is intended to develop basic competency in understanding and navigating the many steps and aspects of a development project, including:

  •     Finding and securing land
  •     Concept development and refinement
  •     Financial modeling and securing financing
  •     Understanding governing legislation, contracts, and managing legal disputes
  •     Understanding how to manage the many complex approvals required for a project
  •     Creating strategies for community and political engagement
  •     Understanding the scope of issues addressed by the many technical studies required
  •     Creating marketing and sales strategies for a project
  •     Preparing for construction

Students will benefit from a tailored curriculum that combines theoretical foundations with real-world applications, preparing them for leadership roles in the dynamic field of real estate management, and allowing them to continue their learning journey. The partnership underscores the commitment of both institutions to provide a holistic and industry-relevant education, fostering a new generation of professionals equipped with the skills and expertise needed to excel in the ever-evolving realm of urban development and real estate.

Students who have completed the Real Estate Development Micro-credential program can receive the Micro-credential by contacting and a representative will connect with you to go over next steps.



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