Global Learning & Language Centre

Advanced English, Critical Thinking & Academic Communication Skills



This integrated course is designed to cover reading, writing, speaking, and listening academic skills and to build academic vocabulary. It will challenge you to think, read and write critically within an academic context by exploring current global issues and academic journal articles. Each week follows a theme with lessons and team and individual activities, assignments and discussions to facilitate and consolidate your learning.

Hours per week: 15

Level: 4 (12 weeks)

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate coherently and cohesively in written and oral communication
  • Develop academic vocabulary utilizing the New Academic Word List (NAWL) and authentic academic content
  • Develop active listening and advanced reading skills strategies to comprehend and process a variety of academic articles and information
  • Develop academic writing skills, identifying and correcting major challenges in writing and using appropriate academic voice and style
  • Apply current APA edition formatting, citing, and referencing guidelines correctly
  • Apply advanced research strategies and synthesize knowledge from multiple sources
  • Analyze and evaluate major alternative points of view thoughtfully
  • Develop logical arguments orally and in writing
  • Present a complex topic using effective and relevant supports
  • Work effectively in multicultural and diverse teams
  • Develop and apply critical thinking skills
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