Global Learning & Language Centre

Integrated English Language Skills
and Global Competency



Integrated English Language Skills and Global Competency is exciting, relevant, and life-changing! You will improve all areas of English - writing, reading, grammar, listening, and speaking skills - in this integrated, immersive experience. As well as improving your language skills, you will expand your knowledge of the world through team-based global awareness projects that promote the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Emphasis will be placed on building English skills through task-based learning, projects, presentations and interactions to move from language awareness to active use of English to achieve meaningful communication goals. The curriculum encourages students to think more deeply about themselves and the world around them and empowers them as leaders and decision makers.

Hours per week: 15

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop fluency and accuracy in spoken and written English
  • Expand your vocabulary in everyday and academic topics
  • Use functional language and vocabulary in a wide range of settings
  • Demonstrate expanded listening comprehensive skills
  • Demonstrate an increased understanding and application of grammar rules
  • Work effectively in multicultural and diverse teams
  • Gain an understanding of world issues and how these issues affect people's everyday lives
  • Critically apply SDG knowledge to generate and assess realistic solutions
  • Deliver oral presentations in English
  • Strengthen your ability to read and think critically
  • Use a variety of writing strategies with increasing complexity to meet personal and academic needs
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