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Academic Reading Strategies



During the course, you will be systematically guided through a graduated learning process that will provide you with the intellectual skills required to achieve improved comprehension and show you how to apply new skills and strategies in a variety of different close reading activities.

You will demonstrate your understanding by recognizing the text format, identifying the author’s purpose, skimming and scanning for information, identifying main ideas and supporting details, inferring and paraphrasing text content, and retelling and summarizing information. These learning goals will be achieved through direct and explicit instructional lessons from prescribed texts and teacher-designed reading activities.

Hours per week: 5

Learning Outcomes

  • Actively engage with a text 
  • Annotate a text 
  • Use metacognitive strategies to support reading comprehension 
  • Differentiate between main ideas and supporting details 
  • Describe how main points are supported by, and connected to, supporting details 
  • Make predictions 
  • Infer main points that are implicit 
  • Separate facts from opinions 
  • Recognize, define, and use a wider range of academic vocabulary 
  • Guess word-meanings in context 
  • Extract the crucial ideas and arguments of a text without understanding every word 
  • Identify an author’s point of view and stance 
  • Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate an argument using critical thinking 
  • Make connections between class assignments and readings 
  • Retell, summarize, and respond to readings in a reflective, critical way 
  • Identify relationships within and between texts and subject areas 
  • Adapt style and speed of reading to different texts and purposes 
  • Use appropriate reference sources 
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