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  1. What is a sponsor?

    A sponsor is an organization that pays for their employees’ professional development course registrations.

  2. How can my organization become a sponsor?

    Contact us and let us know you’d like to consider becoming a sponsor. We’ll connect with you to discuss your needs and help you find the best option for your organization.

  3. How do I find out if my organization is a current/active sponsor?

    Contact us, providing your organization name and a sponsor number (if you know it) to ask if your organization is a current/active sponsor. We will advise of your sponsor status.

  4. How do I register students for a course(s)?

    Contact us, providing the course name and the number of participants you wish to enroll so that we can confirm seat availability in the course section. We’ll send you all the information you need to get students registered.

  5. Do sponsors need to register their employees?

    No, you don’t need to enroll each student in the course(s). We will do that for you once each participant has created their student account in the Student Portal

  6. Are there any group rates or discounts?

    Contact us to discuss your needs and available options.

  7. What if I have a large group of participants?

    Contact us to discuss your needs and available options, which may include custom learning.

  8. How do I find out about course availability? How many seats are available in a course section?

    Class sizes vary. Please contact us for information regarding seat availability in a course section.

  9. When can I expect to receive an invoice?

    Sponsors will receive an invoice via email for all sponsored students upon registration. Please let us know if you have additional questions about invoicing.

  10. What are my payment options?

    Here is information about standard ways to pay. Organizations can also pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Contact us to set up EFT.

  11. How/when will students receive information about their course?

    Students will receive an email containing course information prior to the course start date. This will include:

    • For online courses: how to access the course, live session dates & times, and any other necessary information.
    • For in-person courses: location information, dates & times, and any other necessary details.
  12. Can I access my sponsor account?

    Currently, you cannot access your sponsor account online, but future system upgrades will provide that functionality. We will keep you informed when these changes are coming. Until then, please let us know if you need information about your sponsor account.

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