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Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations for Participatory Leadership

The Art of Hosting is a three-day leadership training course that scales up from the personal to the systemic using leadership practices to enable co-creation of innovations for complex challenges. Participants learn models and practices to maximize personal leadership abilities and collective intelligence while learning to transform conflict into creative solutions.
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Learning Outcomes:

  • Theories, methods, tools and practices for leading and hosting groups though processes of discovery, development, design and implementation of solutions to complex challenges
  • Ability to work on a number of practices for personal and organizational development, collaborative solutions, conflict resolution and collective wisdom building

Unique to the AoH learning experience, participants will learn:

  • How these practices illuminate powerful options to leadership and solution development not present in current personal, organizational or community development approaches
  • Concrete practical experience and tools to support participatory leadership initiatives and hosting meaningful conversations in challenging contexts

Each AoH is uniquely designed based upon participants. Some of the processes learned will draw from:

  • Traditional Circle Practices
  • Four fold practice
  • World cafe
  • Chaordic Path: Chaos and Order
  • Diamond of Participation
  • Organizational paradigm
  • Open space technology
  • Triad
  • Solo Time
  • Pro action cafe
  • Art of Harvesting
  • Chaordic Stepping Stones
  • Art of Powerful Questions
  • The Work
  • Two Loops of Innovation
  • Flow game
  • Cynefin Framework
  • Theory U
  • Diamond of Participation
  • Collective Story Harvest