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Professional Certificate in Advanced Facilitation Practices - ONLINE


Facilitation is one of the key skill sets for leaders and influencers of change. Valued facilitators need to be adaptable and flexible. Their work is invaluable in enabling groups to work together and produce a common outcome. They must draw on a variety of skills and tools to enable their participants to create a common, shared understanding and produce measurable outcomes.

Any Age. Any Stage. Any Place.

Our certificates are offered in a variety of online formats allowing you to take the certificate at your own pace and tailor it to suit your unique development and lifestyle needs.

Certificate Overview

Delivery Format: 100% Online

Completion Requirements: Complete 5 online courses to obtain the Professional Certificate in Advanced Facilitation Practices: 4 core courses and 1 elective course from the course options listed below. 

Core Courses (required):Elective Courses (complete 1):

Program Schedule: Register and complete individual courses at your own pace. We recommend certificates be completed within 2 years. Note, courses are subject to availability and listed courses are not guaranteed to be offered every term.

Prior to registering for coursescontact us to let us know you intend to complete this certificate.

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Browse the Professional Certificate in Advanced Facilitation Practices courses below. If a certificate is not what you are looking for, check out our suite of Teaching & Facilitation courses here!


Boost Your Facilitation Practice with Liberating Structures

Conventional structures used to organize how people routinely work together stifle inclusion and engagement, but there is a better way to engage teams in problem solving and creative ideation. Liberating Structures are a set of 33+ “seriously fun” activities which aim to effectively bring groups together in inclusive and collaborative ways. They are processes that can be used with groups of any kind. They support engagement, collaboration, and innovation.

Creating Effective Group Learning Experiences - ONLINE

This five-week online course is a practical introduction to design of adult learning. It grounds participants in theories and tools for design of face-to-face workshops and courses. All activities will be applicable to learning in organizations and will enable participants to translate what they learn into their workplace context. Throughout the course, participants will work on designing a lesson plan/agenda for a short face-to-face course or workshop and post drafts of their plan to course colleagues and the facilitator for feedback.

Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) Fundamentals - ONLINE

Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) - Fundamentals is a five-week online course that is focused on developing teaching skills for asynchronous online learning. Over the course of the five weeks, you will learn strategies to create active learning environments online for your students, facilitate or co-facilitate a pre-designed learning activity, and receive feedback from your peers. FLO Fundamentals gives you the opportunity to develop your online facilitation skills with other new and experienced facilitators. This workshop is designed for core faculty, associate faculty, and staff in facilitation or support roles of online or blended courses, regardless of experience level.

Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) Design - ONLINE

Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) Design is a four-week online course that offers participants opportunities to explore different approaches to developing effective asynchronous online courses. FLO Design is a foundation course in the Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) collection of courses and complements FLO Fundamentals, which focuses on asynchronous online facilitation skills and strategies, and FLO Synchronous, which focuses on design and facilitation of synchronous online learning.

Design Thinking for Organizations - ONLINE

This four-week interactive course will explore the history, concepts and methodology of Design Thinking. You will use a designer’s mindset and creative problem solving to work on specific workplace or life challenges. Each week will deepen your understanding of the stages of design thinking: Framing the question effectively; Understanding the value of approaching the challenge with empathy; Creative ideation and brainstorming; Testing solutions based on feedback; Arriving at a solution to your challenge.

Facilitating Learning Online (FLO) Synchronous - ONLINE

Facilitating Learning Online - Synchronous is a three-week online course that is focused on developing facilitation skills for synchronous online learning. You will learn best practice strategies to plan for, facilitate, and follow up after synchronous online (virtual) learning events. FLO Synchronous will provide you with opportunities to see and learn from examples of synchronous online facilitation and, if desired, practice synchronous online facilitation skills in a safe environment. This workshop is designed individuals who would like to increase their facilitation skills within a virtual online environment such as Zoom or Collaborate Ultra.

Intercultural Foundations for Education (IFE) - ONLINE

Intercultural Foundations for Education (IFE) is a 4-week online course focused on developing intercultural teaching and learning competencies. You will have opportunities to review the intercultural learning research and apply key concepts to your teaching/facilitation practice. You will also have access to interdisciplinary collegial dialogue, instructional resources, and learning activities on culturally responsive teaching methods that can enhance your current practice. This course is designed for equity, diversity, and inclusion practitioners in academic, school, workplace, and community education contexts who are interested in developing knowledge and skills in facilitating intercultural learning.

Using Universal Design for Learning to Transform Teaching Activities - ONLINE

Even the best planned class or professional development activity can fall flat if the diversity of the participants has not been taken into account. ‘Fixing’ a prepared teaching activity when faced with learner diversity is time consuming and complex. Universal Design for Learning equips educators with proactive ways to design learning experiences that are accessible to all from the get go. This four-week online course offers an entry level exploration of UDL and a detailed understanding of why this model is appealing to educators as they address learner diversity, how its principles operate to support educators in the design of the learning experience, and how to plan an autonomous journey into the wealth of resources available.