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Women in Leadership: Living and Speaking Feminine Values

Women need to find ways to speak and model their uniquely feminine values as a means to shift organizational culture toward a more inclusive and balanced values framework. In this course, you will explore and discuss some of the predominant feminine leadership models as well as popular topics of debate concerning gender and leadership, and you will design communication strategies and channels for speaking your values as feminine leaders.
Facilitator: Jennifer Walinga
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Topics Covered:

  • Feminine leadership models
  • The leadership gender debate
  • Feminine values and strengths
  • Speaking your core values
  • Shifting culture and practice – one woman at a time

Learning Outcomes:

  • An appreciation for the various theories, models and perspectives of feminine leadership
  • An understanding of the conflicting and gendered perspectives and approaches in leadership
  • An insight into uniquely feminine strengths and values
  • Clarity of personal leadership values
  • An ability to analyse one’s existing cultural environment for incongruities
  • An insight into the opportunities to communicate a unique values framework
  • A capacity to shift culture by communicating values