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Virginia McKendry

Dr. Virginia McKendry is an interdisciplinary scholar whose work traces the ways cultural systems of meaning are transmitted and (trans)formed through everyday texts, images, conversations, practices, institutions and material objects. Her interest in feminist, narrative, dialogic, semiotic, and complex systems theoretical frameworks connects her various research interests, including: the persistence of monarchy in the British imaginary, women in leadership, the history of women in Canadian public relations, and gender and communication. Her research draws on a range of methods, from textual analysis of archival materials to action research in the service of positive cultural change.

As an educator, she has dedicated her career to developing and delivering adult learning experiences that integrate academic, professional and ethical mastery.

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Key Concepts in Climate Communication

Climate communication has evolved from debating the reality of human-caused climate change to facing the urgent challenge of mobilizing entire publics in the project of massive climate action. Have you ever wondered how to start or respond to a conversation about climate? Is it possible to communicate about climate adaptation in a way that inspires people? This four-week course addresses these questions, equipping learners with key concepts for effective communication as well as best practices and guidance from leading climate communication experts and researchers.