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Valerie Nishi

Valerie Nishi, PhD, MBA, MA, BSc, is Principal of Tidewater Leadership and Associate with Refinery Leadership Partners. She is a strategist, researcher, designer, educator, and coach with 25 years of business and leadership experience. Her practice focuses on leading in complex systems, creative intelligence, leadership power and presence, and building cultures of candor.  Dr. Nishi co-founded the Women’s Leadership Foundation that engaged over 3000 leaders and currently serves on the board of Dream Rider Productions, empowering youth to be environmental leaders.

Building Leadership Candor One Conversation at a Time

For leaders, every conversation is an opportunity to strengthen a relationship, remove barriers, find a solution, or change a life. This involves showing up with candor, courage and empathy. Candor is getting real and having meaningful and respectful conversations. This workshop is for formal or informal leaders, ready to expand their communication and leadership impact. Learning outcomes include expanding self-knowledge, deepening inquiry skills, and building personal authority and the capacity to voice authentically and clearly.